How to increase your productivity by working from home

Some managers are afraid to let people work from home because they’re not as easily supervised. But, on the flip side, research actually shows that working at home part or full time increases productivity. But only if you stay on task. So, here are a few tips on how to increase your productivity by working from home and making the most of the opportunity.

Set Up a Work Space

Not everyone can create a dedicated home office, but you need, at a minimum, a dedicated workspace. This could be a desk or table in the office. However, it shouldn’t be at your dining room table. Nothing undermines your productivity like having to literally work around kids doing homework or someone fixing dinner. Video conferencing can also be a little challenging, with kids yelling in the background. If you have a dedicated workspace, you can organise it so that it looks and feels like an office. Remember to make an acceptable background for video conferences. Creating a different physical environment will help you maintain the segregation between personal and professional activities. Not just for you, but for your kids as well.

When You’re on the Clock, Work

One way to guarantee your productivity is to work when you’re on the clock and supposed to work. Don’t let the fact that you’re at home lure you away from work. You can do dishes, laundry, and errands when you’re officially on break. Maintain your work habits, and you won’t get in trouble for being away when you’re supposed to be working. You can get more done by creating a to-do list at the start of each day. Track your progress to keep procrastination in check. Better yet, keep that list online or via an app and send it to your boss at the end of each day so they know what you’re doing.

Take Breaks

Everyone’s productivity falls the longer they work non-stop. Your productivity can also fall when you’re at work because you feel pulled away by kids and housework. The solution is to set aside long periods of work broken up by breaks. When you’re away from work, you can go pick up dry-cleaning or run a quick errand. You can time your afternoon break with checking on the kids doing homework or picking them up from school. What if you work from home full-time? Then you need to take breaks from the house so that you don’t get pulled into work non-stop because there’s no separation between your personal and professional life.

Get High-Speed Internet

Research internet plans on iSelect, and choose a high speed internet plan from a local provider. This has several benefits. First, you won’t have to worry about dropped connections or slow connections that impede your productivity. Second, high speed internet allows you to easily join teleconferences and voice over IP calls that make it seem like you’re still in the office.

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