How to improve your Gmail account security

Your Gmail account security is rather important as it happens to be one of the more lucrative options of phishing scams. It is home to all your personal information such as documents, photos, and much more. Hackers can take full control of your Gmail account which essentially compromises your account security.

As we’re all aware by now, Gmail has a feature that allows other apps to get authenticated through your Google account. For instance, WordPress has a feature that allows you to automatically share posts on your Timeline.

That said, some fake applications like the Google Drive app demand full access to your account (the authentic Google Drive app, does not require permission to access your account). Besides, even the popular gaming app such as Pokemon Go asked full access to your Google account – a bug that was later fixed.

During the course of our daily chores, we happen to accidentally allow access to our Google accounts without doing a thorough background check. However, there’s a way to override such app privileges so as to safeguard your Gmail account from phishing scams.

How to remove malicious apps to strengthen Google account security

To check third-party apps connected to your account, just head over to your Google Account page and click Connected Apps and Sites.

Next, click on Manage Apps which lists all the apps that have access to your account.

gmail account security

As you can see in the image above, clicking on each app reveals all the details and the kind of information along with features they can access. Users need to be aware as to which apps have full access to their Google account.

If you see any app that has access to your account, all you’ll have to do is to click on the Remove Icon.

The whole process is as simple as that and improves your Gmail account security from phishing scams, which have been become rather prominent in this day and age.