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How to identify a fake USB Thumb Pen Drive


Fake USB flash drives are all over the internet and electronics market which are low capacity USB flash drives tweaked so your PC will read it as a different capacity. But as soon as you start writing some data from your PC to that fake USB drive, the data will get lost and the PC will show its true capacity (or zero capacity) then. These fake USB flash drives come in the genuine looking pack, so you can’t tell which one is fake and which one is genuine.

Here are some tips you can take care of while buying a new flash drive and identify a fake USB Thumb Pen Drive

If you are going to buy a new flash drive, then make sure to buy from a priority store. Do not buy any flash drive from anyone who is selling it without any proper store or billing because it could be a fake thumb drive.

Always check the price on the internet before buying flash drives. The fake USB flash drives are much cheaper than the original product so people will buy them without any questions.

The pack should have the tech specs written behind the package like read-write speed, interface (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0), and compatibility with different OS. The fake USB drives are just blank at the back or some random information is written.

Check for any code on the USB connector. Manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Kingston and SanDisk print some codes on the USB connector of its flash drives.

Fake flash drives don’t contain any code or anything on the connector. You can always verify these codes from the priority dealers of that particular manufacturer to know about the

At last, check for the build quality. The build quality of fake flash drives looks and feels really cheap if you hold them in your hands. Fake USB drives use low-quality plastic and metals and the sides of fake flash drives are also not always finished well.

So, if you keep these things in mind while buying a new flash drive, then you can easily know whether the flash drive in your hand is genuine or fake. And you’ll never get conned in the future.