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How to get your Dell laptop insured and safe?

Dell is one of the very famous laptop manufacturers out there. Dell laptops are very well known for their good build quality and great performance.

Even though Dell laptops are known to last for a very long period of time without incurring any issues by itself, people still search on how to get Dell laptop insured as even if the laptop is good on its own, nothing can prevent the possibility of accidentally damaging your Dell laptop. And you should also know that hackers are constantly looking for potential weaknesses and frailties in every part of your machine and/or network to gain unwanted access and control. So, if you are looking to keep yourself safe while browsing the internet on your new Dell laptop, you should consider getting a VPN for Windows laptops.

How to get Dell Laptop Insured?

If you are planning to get laptop insurance, then you can choose third-party insurance for Dell laptops, which is the common method to get Dell laptop insured.

There are a lot of benefits of third-party insurance for Dell laptops, some of them are listed below:

  • As there are many third-party insurance companies offering insurance for Dell laptops, you can get a cheaper price quote by visiting various insurance companies and comparing their prices.
  • Most of the third-party insurance companies offer insurance protection for Dell laptops from theft, loss, or even damages caused by natural causes like fire.

If you do not want separate third-party insurance for your Dell laptop or if it seems expensive to you, then below are two other ways to get your Dell laptop insured.

Dell Accidental Damage Service

Not exactly an insurance, but Dell offers an official accidental damage service for its laptop owners. The main benefit of the Dell Accidental Damage Service is that it offers protection from accidental drops or falls and provide repair services free of cost.

However, there is a catch, and that is clear in the name of the service itself. The accidental damage service only covers Dell laptops from, well, accidents.

Therefore, once you take your Dell laptop to an authorized service center after an accidental fall or drop, they will first investigate and verify that the cause of the damage was indeed an accident. Only then is the accidental damage service offered on your laptop.

Below are some of the causes that are covered under the Dell Accidental Damage Service.

  1. Broken or damage in the LCD panel due to a fall or a drop.
  2. Damage due to a surge in electricity.
  3. Accidental falls or drops.
  4. Accidental damage due to liquid on or inside the laptop.

Here are some causes that are NOT covered by the Dell Accidental Damage Service.

  1. Damages caused by fire.
  2. Damages caused by intention.
  3. Damages on the laptop body.
  4. Theft or loss.

Credit Card Insurance

Many credit card companies offer insurance on electronic items that are purchased using their credit card. Even though the validity of a credit card insurance is for a very limited period, if you buy the electronic item using the credit card, then the insurance protection is added for free, which mean you will not have to pay any extra amount for the insurance protection.

Final Words

We hope that the different methods to get Dell laptops insured was informative to all of you. Got any doubts on how to get Dell laptop insured? Feel free to leave a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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