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How to Get Started With Minecraft Server Hosting

Recreational outlets are vital. They offer people a way to alleviate their stress and increase their quality of life. Traditional recreational activities included physical activities, such as hiking and skiing, or handicrafts, such as knitting or wood carving. Thanks to technological advancements, today recreational activities also include video games.

The video game industry is on track to generate over $134 billion in 2021. Gamers invest significant funds in their gaming activities, upgrading gaming computers or gaming systems, purchasing new games, and networking with other streamers. Committed gamers spend hours playing video games multiple times per week. Today, Minecraft is one of the most popular video games on the market, and gamers interested in playing this adventure game should consider investing in server hosting for Minecraft.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft was first introduced in 2011. Markus Persson created the game, which Mojang Studios produced and published. It’s a survival game with two modes. Players build or break blocks when they’re in Creative mode. Players seek the resources needed to survive when they’re in Survival mode. There are creatures in the game, including zombies. When players die, they lose their experience and all the resources they’ve acquired in the game, such as loot and weapons.

You can play Minecraft on your smartphone, tablet, gaming computer, or Xbox. Minecraft’s rated for players ten years old and up. In addition to the original Minecraft game, you can play the Dungeons version of Minecraft or purchase the educational version of the game.

In Esports, competitive video game players play against others for championships. Esports winners can earn a living from prize money and sponsorships. Competitive Minecraft players can compete in several Minecraft tournaments, including the MC Championship.

What is a Minecraft server, and how can you access this game server hosting?

It’s possible to connect with other players on public servers when you’re playing Minecraft on your smartphone or tablet. It’s also possible to use your console or computer to connect with private Minecraft servers.

Minecraft server hosting is virtual private hosting established specifically in order to play Minecraft. Private game servers enable players to control access to the game and introduce mods (customized variations) to the game. Having your own Minecraft server gives you control over your gaming experience. You can create your rules and limit access to a select group of gamers.

A Minecraft server is a virtual private server (VPS) dedicated to Minecraft gameplay. Internet hosting companies sell VPS access to consumers. Gamers using a VPS enjoy dedicated resources. A VPS insulates your game server from other users with access to the parent server. With a virtual private server, your bandwidth isn’t affected by other users on the parent server.

Companies such as OVHcloud offer cloud hosting, including VPS hosting. VPS is an affordable option to a dedicated server, offering the benefits of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

How do you benefit from investing in game server hosting?

Although you can opt to play Minecraft by yourself, you can also play against others. Playing with others comes with risks. When you play with open access through a public server, you can’t control who enters the game or how they act. Online gaming trolls are malicious players who kill teammates and use verbally abusive language. They set out to ruin the gaming experience for other players. It’s impossible to restrict permissions on public servers and exclude trolls from your gameplay.

With a shared server, you’re vulnerable to data breaches and limited to the security your server provides. With a VPS, you can add firewalls and additional security to your server. Dedicated servers are faster than shared servers. When users share a Minecraft server, they share the server’s resources, which means the bandwidth available can be consumed by another user. Traffic spikes on other servers can cause a lag time and decrease your download speeds. With a VPS, you have dedicated bandwidth, which increases your download speeds.

Minecraft is a popular adventure video game. Playing Minecraft on a VPS enables you to limit access to the game to a select group of players and introduce game mods. Using a virtual private server offers multiple benefits, such as reduced lag time.

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