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How to get Instagram features working for you

In a very short time, Instagram has developed into a sprawling forum for various strings of society. While it originally started life as a place to share photos and shots of your daily life with your friends and family, it has taken on a whole other form and, while the mechanism remains the same, it is now a large public square with stalls set up for anyone who wants to make their voice heard. This means that people from all around the world can come together in one place and share their thoughts on numerous different topics. It is also a way to meet new people and discover new ideas and even do business. The worldwide popularity of Instagram has made it into an unstoppable phenomenon which shows no signs of slowing down. Therefore, if you have something you want to get out there, Instagram is the way for you to go about it.

How big is Instagram?

There are more than a billion active Instagram users and more then half of these will sign in every day. This creates a constant need for more content to be added and this is met with ease. It is estimated that every day there are more than four billion likes given out added to the nearly one hundred million posts and five hundred million stories. There is such a large amount of content out there to satisfy a large number of users that it has become one of the most active parts of the wider Internet. With such a large demand for content, anyone can come along and add something new into the mix. Accordingly, if you feel you have something you want to add, there is no reason to wait around. There are hundreds of millions of people dying to discover new content.

How can you get your audience?

Websites like Insta4likes can help you fully realise the promotional potential of your Instagram account. They do so by offering a wide range of options for those Instagram users who know that there are countless possibilities provided by Instagram if you can get the right amount of interaction from other Instagram users. There is a long line of websites like this and at them, you can pay for offers on set numbers of views, likes, comments, and followers for the social media giant. By putting these features to use with the right strategies, you will be able to increase your engagement with Instagram users and, therefore, raise the profile of your Instagram account. This is important if you are using Instagram as a means to raise awareness of yourself and your cause, whether it be for your business, entertainment, a blog, your job, your hobby or a worthy charity cause.

Getting the most out of these Instagram features

If you are paying for views, they will boost the statistics for that feature and this will immediately lead to you having a bigger impact on Instagram as views are counted as part of the interaction. The more interaction you have, the better. The same goes for likes, though they have a more visual impact on statistics and can be used to highlight your popularity with ease. Likes are indicative of the approval that people have of what you are posting so they are a step up from views. Comments are the next ones to look for as the user posting them can offer more information about what they liked about the content. They can also be used to ask questions, make inquiries and engage the Instagram account in more conversation. This is a great opportunity for any Instagrammer as it gives them the chance to show off how approachable they are and quick to respond. It also helps to establish a rapport with users, something that is appreciated.

Additionally, with comments, it is possible to tag other users and get even more attention for the content or the profile it is linked to. The final and quite possibly the most important feature is “Followers”. Followers are whole accounts which sign up to updates from your profile and are regularly kept in the loop about what is going on with the content you add. Followers perform all of the features mentioned above and also have it much easier in being able to access your content. Because of this, it is worth your while making sure that you have a large number of followers. The combination of all of the above features is considered as your interaction and this is crucial in establishing yourself as a popular force on the social network.

Be careful of what you are paying for

While we would never recommend websites that behave dishonestly, unfortunately, there are websites out there who will not behave in the most honest ways. There are numerous websites which offer Instagram features for sale so you are entitled to the luxury of being able to shop around. However, you also need to be on the lookout for websites that try to sell products which aren’t exactly as described. These come in the shape of websites selling real Instagram users who are nothing more than automated accounts. These accounts, run by computers, fail to accurately replicate the online behaviour of genuine Instagram users and, therefore, should be avoided. To find out if these Instagram users are real or not, investigate their profiles and look out for low numbers of followers, irregular updates and a lack of photos of who they are. These are just some of the signs that things may not be what they claim to.

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