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How to get Apple devices insured?


Apple devices are very popular for their build quality, user experience, and their pricing. Yes, Apple devices do not come cheap and how to get Apple devices insured is one of the frequently asked questions from people who own Apple products.

There are chances when Apple or third-party insurer can deny you to provide services due to some technical policies, so what to do in that situation? You can consult a lawyer and discuss the legal aspects of the claim and file a lawsuit against the service provider. Sometimes, filing and fighting a lawsuit can get very costly and here, lawsuit funding from baker’s street funding comes to rescue. They provide plaintiffs and attorneys flexible, non-recourse legal funding solutions. But we hope, you don’t have to get into such complexities and let’s see what all options you have to insure your Apple devices.

The most popular way to get Apple devices insured is to buy the AppleCare+ protection plan.

But what is AppleCare+ Protection Plan?

You might be already aware of the term “AppleCare”. AppleCare (not AppleCare+), is the name of the limited 1-year warranty that comes with every new Apple product. The AppleCare protection is activated automatically from the day of purchase and is valid for 1-year from the day of purchase. There is also complimentary phone support that comes with AppleCare for 90 days from the day of purchase.

The AppleCare protection covers your Apple device and limited accessories. Even though hardware faults are covered under the AppleCare protection, you may have to pay for repair or labor charges depending on the fault of your Apple product.

This is where AppleCare+ kicks in. AppleCare+ is two-year warranty protection offered by Apple for its products. AppleCare+ protection plan needs to be purchased separately and does not automatically include your purchase of an Apple product.

Also, the AppleCare+ protection plan must be brought within the first 60 days of purchasing the Apple product. The pricing of the AppleCare+ protection plan depends on the Apple product model. AppleCare+ for iPhone 8 costs $129 and $199 for iPhone X.

Once the AppleCare+ protection plan has been brought, you can then replace the screen on your device for an additional $29 and get any other hardware damage repaired for an additional $99.

However, you can only claim the benefits of AppleCare+ twice, which means the third time you damage the screen or hardware of your Apple product, you will have to pay the entire amount, even if it is within the time period of the AppleCare+ protection plan.

It is also to be noted that the AppleCare+ protection does not protect Apple devices against loss or theft.

How to get third-party insurance for the Apple devices?

Another way to get an Apple product insured is by buying third-party insurance. There are many insurance companies that offer insurance for Apple devices.

The advantage of third-party insurance over AppleCare+ protection is that most of the third-party insurance covers the Apple device against theft, loss, damages caused by natural causes, and more.

This means you get more coverage from third-party insurance for Apple products than from AppleCare+ protection. However, do note that what are all covered under your Apple device insurance, in case you pick third-party insurance, solely depends on your insurance company and their insurance policies.

Another benefit of third-party insurance is that you can get third-party insurance anywhere around the world, whereas AppleCare+ protection is only available in selected countries like the US and UK.

Final Words

That was a simple to understand article on how to get Apple devices insured. In case you have any doubts about insurance for Apple devices, do leave a comment below with your query and we will surely help you out.

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