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How to Enjoy in Japan?

If you love traveling and exploring new places and continents, then Japan is one of the countries you should definitely not miss. What makes Japan so special is that it has all the constituents that would make people interested to visit the place.

Japan has got a highly appreciated level of culture, great food, awesome places with historical and cultural value, and unique fun stuff and technology to experience.

For those among you planning for a trip to Japan, we are here with a few suggestions that will definitely help you to enjoy Japan to its fullest potential.

5 Do-Not Miss Experiences to Enjoy in Japan

  1. Awesome Food:

    Food is inevitable when talking about Japan. Sushi is definitely one of the dishes that instantly comes into our minds when thinking of Japan. Apart from sushi, noodles are another food item the country is popular for.

    Did you know that curry rice is Japan’s national dish? Lots of their dishes have rice in them, as it is a very popular staple in the country. Not just their mouth-watering recipes, but the Japanese are also well-known for their eating habits and rituals. So make sure to learn and follow local cuisine culture when you visit.
  2. Experience the Japanese World of Cars:

    Japanese auto manufacturers like Toyota and Honda are very well-known brands all around the world. Japanese cars are very popular almost everywhere for being comparatively cheaper yet way much reliable than vehicles from other car companies.

    Japan is also famous for the custom car scene in the country. Remember The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift? Well, if you are a car guy, then it is definitely one of your favorite movies. The movie depicted the custom car culture in Japan quite vividly.

    The Toyota Automobile Museum, Nissan Engine Museum, and the Mazda Museum are some of the best places for you to experience the history of Japanese automobiles.
  3. Go Hi-Tech with the Robots:

    Not just culture and food, Japan is also widely accredited as the technology hub of the world. The country has several companies breaking boundaries when it comes to robotics. Japan has several places where you can experience interactions with robots like nowhere else.

    The Miraikan National Museum of Science and Innovation is among the best places to experience robotics in Japan. From interactive life-sized humanoids, robotic vehicles, and robotic animals, this place is definitely a wonderland for robotics enthusiasts.

    You can also spot robots in some of the popular restaurants, airports, and other tourist attractions throughout Japan.
  4. Try Your Hand Playing Pachinko

    Pachinko is a very popular game in Japan and yet is something that most tourists visiting Japan miss to experience in their journey.

    Pachinko is a game that combines the essence of pinball and slots. The game has been popular since the 1940s and there are over 12,000 pachinko gaming parlors throughout the country currently.

The most well-know pachinko is CR tenryu∞. It has special features and dynamic sounds compared to any other pachinko machines that it attract pachinko players so much.  Check out the pachinko CR 天龍∞ (CR tenryu∞)

Final Words

That’s all folks! We have included some unique yet fun things to make sure that you enjoy throughout your stay in Japan and experience everything that the country is popular for.

Did we miss something that is a must-try in Japan? Then do mention them as comments below.