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How to Empower Remote Work When the Entire World Becomes Your Office?

Calling 2020 a tumultuous year would be an understatement. Day-to-day operations of organizations worldwide were entirely disrupted as businesses prioritized employee safety along with business continuity, during the pandemic. Every professional suddenly found themselves propelled into working from home or remote locations. Supported by data centres, organizations swiftly adapted to their demanding IT infrastructure for empowering the workforce to keep productivity up.

Before the pandemic, the data centre industry saw steady growth as enterprises upgraded their IT infrastructure, which also led to increased adoption of colocation services. Today, the future of businesses relies on colocation data centres that offer robust infrastructure with enhanced security and efficiency.

A survey suggests that 16% of the companies are entirely remote, where all employees work from different places without geographical constraints. In contrast, 40% of the companies preferred hybrid working models where both in-office and remote options were available.

There continues to be a year on year increase in companies offering flexible remote working options. 85% of over 15,000 global businesses confirmed that greater location flexibility leads to enhanced employee productivity.

However, when the entire world becomes your office, empowering remote work with adequate backup becomes essential. One critical factor which remains an absolute struggle to meet increasing business demands is scaling IT infrastructure.

Robust colocation services of data centre providers can fulfill the scaling demands of businesses. Colocation data centres allow enterprises to bypass initial infrastructure investments and instead share the space with other organizations under one roof. Space sharing not only helps in cost reduction of enterprises but also offers scalability. Colocation services like interconnectivity options, 24*7 support, physical security, and redundancy help them achieve efficient business processes.

Benefits of Colocation Services

  • High Power Density

Advanced colocation data centres offer high power density per rack/cage/containment to support both existing and future technologies with adequate power backup facility. Colocation services include optimum cooling and air conditioning infrastructure to maintain an enterprise’s operations without disruptions. For instance, STT GDC India provides cooling units with N+1 configuration, N+N air-cooled centralized chilled water plant with quick restart function backed by N+1 critical system generators. Their colocation facilities ensure 2N diverse pipe reticulation with reverse return system and cooling units are in separate corridors with 2N power supply.

  • Physical Security

Security is essential to protect an organization’s data and avoid intrusions. While companies follow work from a home model, protecting their IT infrastructure at data centres becomes crucial for the smooth functioning of business processes. Among all colocation services of data centres, physical security remains an essential part of work efficiency. Multiple levels of physical security are key both inside and outside the centre, including video surveillance. STT GDC India offers 5-layers of physical security at its data centre premises, including an X-ray scanner and crash barriers for enhanced protection.

  • Scalability

The surge in work-from-home models led to the adoption of multiple tools and technologies to remain connected and have optimized processes. Since the load on servers increased, scalability became essential to accommodate dynamic expansion. Data centre colocation services came to the rescue during the pandemic and offered robust infrastructure facilities for operational scalability. Besides, carrier-neutral data centre services helped them achieve work efficiency with adequate backup.

  • Reliability

Additionally, colocation services provide a safe, redundant environment where a business can keep its information secure. Reliability is an important factor in the success of any business today. Critical information could be affected by power outages, high traffic, mismanagement, natural calamities, security issues or other unforeseen reasons. In situations like these, a colocation service’s redundancy measures will ensure that a company’s critical information is always protected. Colocation facilities use effective equipment and software to keep a backup of all data so that no services are interrupted in an unpredictable circumstance.

  • Remote Hands Technician

Remote hands technicians act as extended members of the in-house support team to help deliver maximum performance as per business requirements. They allow you to manage data centre paraphernalia without having to be physically present at the colocation facility. Their services are available as per request, which can quickly be scheduled in advance. On-demand technical support team supervises and troubleshoots any anomalies upon the occurrence and fixes them effectively. Remote hands technicians also help arrange for site visits when deemed necessary by inciting the SLA agreement on your behalf. This service becomes particularly essential for supporting remote work business models.

Empowering Remote Work & Enabling Business Continuity

Today, data centre colocation services are valuable to a company to empower the remote workforce. An ongoing colocation service collaboration is deemed necessary these days for a business that requires infrastructure space, which further allows them to drive business strategies. Top data centre providers offer reliable colocation services to its customers for enabling business continuity.

Leading amongst these colocation service providers is STT GDC India, with a presence in eight cities across the country. With state-of-the-art facilities, you can connect to global telecom service providers with their carrier-neutral data centre services.

An enduring legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic will be widespread adoption of remote work. And colocation services worldwide will help in empowering workforce and IT infrastructure for business continuity.

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