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How to easily Root T-Mobile LG G5


The LG G5 is the first modular smartphone from LG which ships with a camera module, a battery module, and you can buy even more modules for the device. As this is an Android smartphone, you’ll need to root the handset to get most out of it. Having said that, there is no one-click root software or app available for LG G5, so you’ll need to perform a series of instructions to root LG G5. A bunch of files are needed so download them from below before proceeding. While rooting, you will lose all of your data and the phone will revert to factory settings, so it’s highly recommended that you back your data first. Once you’ve safely backed up all your important files and data, here’s a a list of steps you should follow to Root T-Mobile LG G5.


  • Platform tools
  • ADB drivers
  • LGUP for LG G5
  • DLL H830
  • SuperSU package
  • Disable DM verify
  • Firmware with TWRP installed

Prepare phone:

  1. Go to settings > About and repeatedly tap on Build number several times.
  2. Go back to settings and open Developer options under General tab.
  3. In Developer options enable Fastboot OEM unlock and USB Debugging.
  4. Transfer SuperSU and disable DM verify zip files to SD card (you need this later).

Steps to root LG G5:

  1. Install ADB drivers, LGUP for LG G5 and DLLH830 on your PC.
  2. Now extract Platform tools and inside the extracted folder right-click on empty space and click on “Open command window here”.
  3. Connect your LG G5 to PC.
  4. On command window type “adb reboot bootloader” and hit enter, click on OK on the device. Your phone will reboot to bootloader.
  5. Once in bootloader type “fastboot oem unlock” and press enter.
  6. When it’s done, unplug the phone from PC, remove the battery and pop it back again.
  7. Now connect your phone to your PC again while holding the Volume up button, wait for a while and your phone boot to the firmware upgrade mode.
  8. Now launch LGUP from the PC’s start menu.
  9. In LGUP select the firmware file (with TOT extension) and click on Start.
  10. When done, your phone will boot and you’ll see the welcome screen, do not proceed with the setup just turn it off by removing the battery and put in the battery again.
  11. Now press and hold Volume down and power button together, when you see LG logo let go of the power button and press it again.
  12. You will see a screen asking you to factory reset your phone. Navigate to Yes (using volume buttons) and press power key to confirm the selection. You’ll see the same screen again, just confirm as before.
  13. Now your phone boot to TWRP recovery mode, tap on Keep read only.
  14. Tap on Wipe then Format data, type yes to confirm.
  15. After formatting press home key and reboot recovery (Reboot > Recovery).
  16. Now insert the SD card you prepared before with zip files.
  17. After reboot Swipe to Allow Modifications.
  18. In recovery, tap on Install then select Storage and select MicroSD card.
  19. Now tap the no-verify-opt-encrypt.zip file and confirm to install, after that install Beta SupeSUxxxxxxx.zip file in the same way.
  20. After installation tap on Reboot System to reboot the device.

The phone will take a few minutes more than usual to boot up and now you can proceed with the setup. If your phone stuck in a boot loop then remove the battery, insert it back in and repeat the procedure from step 17.