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Think of online videos and chances are that it is YouTube that would be crossing your mind right away. While that is quite reasonable, over time, Facebook too has emerged as a preferred destination for online videos. The social media site boasts of a huge repertoire of online videos, which again cover almost every possible genre one might think of.

Naturally, some are too good to be left alone, with users often longing to download the ones that they love the most. However, Facebook does not have the option for viewing videos offline, something that is possible with YouTube videos. That again isn’t the only thing that is different between the two largest video sites in the world as unlike YouTube, downloading Facebook videos has never been the simplest thing to do. But not anymore. Read on!

Now, here again, there is no dearth of tools that promises to let you download video from Facebook in the most hassle-free manner. While it is easy to get lost in the maze of such Facebook video downloading tools, here is one that claims to do it in the most efficient manner, the Inflact Facebook video downloading tool.

The process too is mighty easy as all that you need for downloading the videos from Facebook are the URL of the particular videos. The Inflact video downloading tool is free too, which means you can get started with downloading any video from any public Facebook account right away, and right into your device itself.

Inflact Facebook video downloader

To get you started with the Inflact Facebook video downloader tool, well, it is one of the simplest online services around that will let you download video from the social media site easily and efficiently. Also, it is videos of almost any format, be it the one posted on the site or live streaming videos. Or it can be the videos in story format, be it ranging from one second to up to five hours long, anything can be downloaded right away, all of this with almost zero loss in quality.

Further, the videos can be downloaded on any platform you might be using, which includes Android, iOS, Windows, or a Mac system. All that is needed is the URL of the video and that’s all. Apart from being overly simple and easy to use, the Inflact tool is fast and reliable too and will let you save the video in the best possible quality as well.

Inflact is also claiming it to be the most convenient tool around, one that can let you save profile video content from the past five years within just 10 mins. Also, it being an online service, the videos can be saved on any device that lets you get online and have access to Facebook.

The actual downloading process.

  1. It couldn’t be simpler than this, for all that you need to do is open the video that you’d like to download.
  2. Thereafter, click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. From the menu options that emerge, click on Copy Link to copy the URL of the video.
  4. Next, paste this link in the insert line of the Inflact Facebook downloader tool.
  5. That is it, the video gets downloaded to your device and is saved to the Downloads folder.
  6. That is not all as the downloaded video content is ready to be savored as there is no need to convert the same in any other format.

Another nice feature of the Inflact service is that all of your efforts in downloading the video remain anonymous. The profile owner from where you have downloaded the video does not have an inkling of anyone having downloaded the video.

The goodies do not end here as the tool is completely safe and does not violate any of Facebook’s rules or terms of service. Also, you aren’t downloading any app or other software for the same as well, which again means zero chances of your system getting infected with malware codes.

So, for those who might have been longing to download videos from Facebook, the Inflact Facebook Downloader tool can be the right choice for them.

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