How to download online videos from websites like YouTube

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YouTube is, without doubt, the biggest video sharing platform out there and plays host to billions of videos of almost anything under the sun. Millions flock to the platform every day to watch the videos, which makes it the most happening place when it comes to digital video content.

Also, while we love watching the videos, some are too good to be left alone. Rather, we’d prefer to have those on our devices, to watch anytime we want, and as many times as we would like to. Of course, we can always do the same via YouTube itself, but that would incur data charges each time we watch it online. Sure, YouTube offers a download option that will allow us to watch the videos offline though this remains valid only for a month. Beyond that, you need to download it all over again.

Fortunately, for video enthusiasts like us, they’re sure are ways to download YouTube videos easily, or for that matter, from any other video sharing platform easily. This can be done using Airy, which is described as one of the best YouTube Playlist downloaders you can have. The reasons for the same are many, prime among which is the ability to download playlist from YouTube on to your own device easily and efficiently.

Airy also offers a user-friendly interface which makes using the tool a breeze. Another positive with the Airy tool is that it is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices, besides offering unmatched levels of flexibility. Also, perhaps the best part of it all is that there are no charges associated with it, making it all completely a free process.

So, if all of this has been making you impatient to get started with Airy and start downloading all of your favourite YouTube videos, here is how you go about doing it.

How to download online videos from YouTube

  • Of course, the process starts with downloading and installing the Airy app itself on your device. Depending on whether you are using a Mac or Windows device, download and install the right apps on your device.
  • The next step for you to do will be to select the YouTube playlist that you wish to download. For this, open YouTube in a browser and copy the video URL of the playlist that you want to download.
  • Launch the Airy app and paste the URL.
  • You also have the option to set the format and resolution that you wish to download the video in.
  • Next, click on the Download link, and that is it. You are all set to have the videos saved in your hard disk drive, for you to playback anytime you want.

You also have the option to download videos in bulk, which helps save time. This also saves from the hassle of downloading each video individually. Rather, you can batch them together and download at one go. That is not all as Airy can transform an entire playlist or channel into a music file as well. This makes for a lot of convenience as one reason we download YouTube videos in the first place is to be able to listen to the songs we love.

These apart, one of the biggest reasons we’d like to download the videos is to get rid of the annoying ads. With Google getting aggressive with its ad placement, it often gets tough to sit through an entire video without being bothered by the ads. Now, with the video downloaded on your own device, you can watch it on any device and as many times you want with no ads popping up in between.

However, here is the catch. Given all the benefits it offers and the ease with which it can be used, it might seem too good to be true that all of it comes for free. Well, that is indeed true in that Airy is free for the first two video downloads only. Post that, you will be provided with the option to continue using the app, but only often you have acquired the licence for the same.

That starts at $19.95 for personal usage while $39.95 is for family usage. There is also the option for team license, which costs $29.95 while paying $9.95 provides for a lifetime upgrade plan. Lastly, there is the urgent support plan which is going to cost you $15 per year.

So, if all of this sound too tempting to you, go ahead and download Airy get started with downloading all of your favourite stuff from YouTube.

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