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How to Create YouTube Videos and Get Paid?

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YouTube videos are the craziest means of digital entertainment in modern times. Creating such videos is absolute fun and the best part is, that they are a financial asset. Well, nothing can be better than getting paid for something you enjoy working on. The market is further, all set to motivate you towards the effort with a series of top-rated free video editing software. These high-end programs are dedicated to helping you in creating stunning YouTube videos and earn hefty sums of money.

An Insight into YouTube Video Marketing Statistics

As mentioned earlier, video creation has earned enough recognition in the realm of digitally influenced sources of money making. The idea is supported by the significantly rising video marketing statistics released every year. Videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media spaces have earned enough popularity as reliable assets of financial gain. Moving a bit deeper, let us have a look at current video and YouTube marketing figures, in what follows next. Paying attention to these data can go a long way in making you a successful YouTuber.

  • Online videos are estimated to generate over 82% of the total web traffic by 2022. The number is 15 times more than the 2017 figures.
  • 72% of online customers prefer buying products and services after watching videos, ahead of verbal explanations. 79% of tech customers watch utility videos before buying software.
  • Videos are effective marketing tools for 86% of businesses and the revenue collection from video marketing is 49% more than traditional means.
  • In comparison to text-based information, video content is shared by around 92% of internet users streaming mobile videos.
  • 88% of business marketers share promotional videos on YouTube, making it the most preferred social media platform for product marketing.
  • 65% of online content streamers regard YouTube as their favorite video streaming channel. Further, 62% of global content searches on Google have video results and 80% of them are from YouTube.

General Ways Aiding YouTubers in Making Money

YouTube videos are an interesting means of earning financial income while generating enough profits. Running a successful YouTube channel, you can conveniently create desired monetary assets while having great fun. Discussed below are some of the commonest ways that help mainstream YouTubers to make money:

  1. Google Ads

The YouTube Partnership program helps YouTubers to earn money for their content through Google AdSense. There are different advertising formats for generating financial income through impressions and clicks. Creators get 55% of the revenue and the remaining is for YouTube.

  1. Brand Sponsorship

Influencer Marketing or brand sponsorship aids in money-making through product promotion in a YouTube video. You can make YouTube videos to draw the attention of customers toward the products and services of a brand and get paid for the effort.

  1. Fan Funding

You can create YouTube channel memberships for loyal fans of your content and earn enough money through fan support. You can offer bonus content like special videos, live chats, emojis, etc., to earn recurring financial gain.

Creating High-Quality YouTube Videos Easily

The digitally influenced era of today is dedicated to simplifying everything for you with the best possible solutions. Likewise, Wondershare Filmora is one of the best video editing software for YouTube. Packed with the most upgraded video creation utilities and a rich library of video effects, Filmora is easy to use and suitable for users at all levels.

How to Create YouTube Videos Using Filmora

Step 1: Create a New Project

Launch the tool in your system and click on ‘New Project’ to launch Filmora video editor. Then, you can quickly find all the features in the tool’s easy-to-use interface. You can select the desired aspect ratio from the main page.

Step 2: Importing Media Files

Simply drag and drop the media file to the Media Library area. Click on ‘Import’ in the top left, followed by tapping on ‘Import Media Files’. Choose the required videos, images, and audio tracks to include in your project and hit the ‘Import’ button.

Step 3: Edit Elements in the Timeline

You can find the video clip you want to edit in the Media Library. Then, drag and drop it into timeline. Right-click the video clip in the Media Library, and you can cut, trim and crop videos to get the perfect footage base.

Step 4: Add Effects, Filters, Titles, and Music

It’s time to play with the huge effects library of Filmora for creating high-quality video masterpieces. You can start by adding interesting titles, lower-thirds, and openers to the video using the Boris FX and NewBlue FX plugins. There are Green Screen and AI Portrait options to change and remove the video backgrounds.

You can further, use the speed ramping and keyframe masking to add smooth video transitions and blends to the footage. The speech-to-text functionality allows the conversion of the voice elements in your video into accurate text.

Step 5: Apply Color Correction

You can finally add color corrections to the edited footage through a host of filters and overlays in the editor library. There are further, some advanced color correction tools to better improvise the videos.

Step 7: Export and Share Your Creation

Click on the ‘Export’ button to save the video in your system for sharing on YouTube. Choose the desired file format in the ‘Format’ menu of the ‘Output Window’. Tap the ‘Settings’ button to select the frame rate, encoder, and resolution for the video. You can also upload the video directly to YouTube without saving it locally.


YouTube videos are appealing sources of financial growth and income in the tech-savvy era of today. You can create and upload amazing video content on this widely preferred platform to make money in an interesting and informative manner. When looking for top-rated solutions to create YouTube-compatible videos, Wondershare Filmora is a perfect choice. The software stands tall with a diverse range of utilities for creating the best video masterpieces in the quickest span.

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