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How to Create Engaging Social Media Ads on a Budget

In late 2019, Facebook’s organic reach was as low as 2.2 percent and this number is steadily decreasing. That means every post that you publish on the platform is seen by 5.5 percent of your page followers on average.

Organic reach on other social media platforms isn’t that great either. For LinkedIn, it’s 0.055 percent, for Instagram is 2.26 percent, and for Twitter, it’s just 0.027 percent.

As we can see, organic success for brands on social media is incredibly challenging to achieve, and social media advertising is the main way to gain more traction. But what can you do if your budget is limited? How do you compete against brands that spend millions on advertising every year to get the attention of your target audience?

Fortunately, even low budget social media ads can lead to high conversion and click-through rates when executed in the right way. It’s all about implementing the right practices and spending your budget consciously.

1- Find your targeted fan base

When you are only getting started with social media advertising, targeting people who have shown interest in your brand before is the logical first step. These people have already invested their time into your brand, they know the kind of products that you offer, and as a result, they are more likely to convert at a much higher rate and a lower cost.

Here are a few ways you can find your targeted fan base:

  • Users who have subscribed to your newsletter
  • Users who have visited your website before
  • Paying customers who have previously purchased from your website
  • Prospective customers that left products in the cart but didn’t make a purchase

2- Assess and identify the right social media platform for you

Every social media platform is different and the right one will depend on your target audience, the kind of products/services that you offer, and of course your budget.

Before you even decide on a social media ad budget or creatives, you should figure out what social media platforms you should likely focus on.

For instance, if you have an eCommerce clothing brand, it would make more sense to use Facebook ads and Instagram ads to advertise your products. After all, both Facebook and Instagram have a more B2C audience and they also offer the option to create your own online store or link your eCommerce store to the platform.

Similarly, if you have a SaaS B2B tool that is mainly targeted towards small and medium businesses, advertising them on LinkedIn would lead to better results since more people use it for professional purposes.

3- Repurpose organic posts for top-of-funnel ads

Your organic content is always the best way to know what your target audience is actually interested in. Analyze the engagement of your previous posts to find out the most popular posts for your brand.

The quickest way to create engaging social media ads on a budget is by boosting your high performing posts on social media and converting them into ads. You can change the taglines and call to action a bit and even link the ads to targeted landing pages for increased conversions.

4- Utilize stock media to quickly create ad creatives

Not everyone has the time, and most importantly, the money to hire professional photographers in order to get high-quality images and design ad creatives. When you are publishing multiple ad campaigns in a month, the cost of hiring professional photographers and editors can often snowball and eventually throw your advertising budget completely off.

Using stock media for your ads instead can help you stay on budget. There are many websites available that offer stock photos, video, and audio which you can quickly buy and use for your ads. While choosing stock media, make sure it’s not too common and it is actually relevant to your messaging. Also, if you tend to use a lot of stock media, opt for a monthly or yearly subscription, instead of buying stock media separately every time you need one.

5- Use pre-made social media ad templates

Hiring a video editor or a photoshop expert to handle the entire post-production process and design social media ads can be incredibly expensive. The truth is, you don’t need to hire a video editor or spend hours learning video editing to create professional-looking social media ads.

There are free image and video editor options like Clipchamp available online that offer hundreds of pre-made social media templates and an easy to use interface which makes editing as simple as clicking a few buttons. All you have to do is add details about your products and brand — and you are good to go.

6- Prefer video ads over image ads

If you are already on a limited budget and you need to decide between video ads or image ads — always go for video ads. Over 60 percent of marketers say that they prefer video content because it tends to drive more engagement as users are forced to stop scrolling and pay more attention to video posts.

Moreover, video posts get 2x clicks, 2-3x click-through rate, and 20-30% more conversions as compared to image posts, which is all the more reason for you to incorporate them in your video marketing strategy.

7- Run A/B split tests

Instead of putting all of your ad budgets towards one campaign and hoping that it works out, you should first run A/B split tests with different parameters to check which ones give the best engagement and conversion possible.

A good rule of thumb is to run every test over a 72-hour time window and spend about $5-10 for every test ad in order to compare the final results. Once you have a clear winner among all the test ads, you can then invest more of your budget into it, knowing that it will lead to good results.

Final words

For the best results, try out a combination of these tips together. You can try layering them together and running multiple campaigns simultaneously that complement each other. More than anything, you should focus on the final ROI from ad campaigns instead of getting too fixated on the number of clicks, likes, or comments.

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