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How to choose the best gaming mouse

If you are looking to up your gaming skills in FPS shooter gamers or even any game of any other genre then the first thing that you need to get is a gaming mouse. The fact that gaming mice exist is the only proof that you need to understand that a normal crappy mouse is not enough to maximize your gameplay experience and certainly not enough for tournaments and competitive games.

A good quality gaming mouse gives you a competitive edge by offering you better-tracking performance, mobility, and agility that you most certainly need in games since time is of the essence in almost every gaming situation.

But it’s not really easy to choose which one suits you the best. Not every mouse is for everyone. For me, I like the claw grip mice the most. They give me good control in most FPS games and feel comfortable too. But not every mouse is suitable for all grips, some feel better than the others.

Apart from this, you need to look for ergonomics, weight, RGB, wired or wireless, and a lot more factors. After struggling with finding the perfect mouse I think I’ll be able to help you with this guide in getting the best gaming mouse for all your needs.

We are going to be discussing why you should choose a gaming mouse and why is it better than a regular one. Moreover, we will also be stating the different grip styles so that you can buy your gaming mouse according to the grip style that you mostly use since everyone’s requirements are different.

Why choose a gaming mouse?

If you ask us what is the need for a gaming mouse we can come up with thousands of reasons but not all of those are all necessary features that you will need and hence we will limit the reasons to a few things only which should be enough to give you the basic gist of why as to invest in a good quality gaming mouse.

Here are a few reasons why:

Higher Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a mouse is measured in what is called DPI or Dots per Inch. A regular mouse that you find in offices or workplaces comes with a fixed DPI setting of 800 or 1000 or somewhere in between. While it is enough for normal productivity tasks, you certainly need a higher DPI setting for MMO and RPG games and a lower setting for FPS games.

In these cases where gaming is your priority, you can never rely on a typical mouse. A gaming mouse, on the other hand, offers the user an extensive range of DPI settings so that different gamers can switch between different DPI to play a different genre of games. Such mice are equipped with a dedicated PDI button that lets you toggle between the different sensitivity settings so that you can change your DPI mid gameplay.

Not to state the obvious but higher sensitivity in games equates to higher responsiveness and a gaming mouse can give you the added accuracy that you just need to clear those tough missions.

More Buttons

If you have ever used a normal mouse on a desktop then we are pretty sure that up till now you have only encountered 3 buttons on it- the left mouse button, the right mouse buttons, and the middle mouse button which also acts as the scroll wheel. These 3 mouse buttons are enough for you to get by with some basic gaming and every other type of work, but for MMO and RPG games you will need access to a number of in-game functions and a gaming mouse will help you in such cases.

More the number of buttons, the better. Although it is not true for all cases but MMO gamers will find this statement absolutely correct. Even a low budget gaming mouse comes with at least two additional side buttons along with the basic 3 and a higher-end gaming mouse comes with even more.

For example, the Razer Deathadder Elite comes with 7 mouse buttons and is absolutely a great mouse if you need a gaming mouse for eSports titles such as Valorant or Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Mice like the Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is suited for MMO gamers who need more buttons at hand to control in-game abilities and functions. This mouse, for example, comes with a total of 20 buttons which is nuts. It almost looks like a keyboard stuck to the side of a mouse.

The thing you also need to know is the fact that most of these extra mouse buttons are always programmable which means that you can assign different functions and abilities to these mouse buttons so that you can later on the trigger or access them mid-gameplay with just a single press. These buttons also act as hotkeys as you can assign other windows features to these buttons too.

Better Polling Rate

To simply explain what polling rate is, it is the measure of how responsive your mouse is or how quickly it reacts to the user’s movement of the mouse. Do no confuse DPI sensitivity with polling rate since a mouse with high DPI and a low polling rate will ultimately ruin your gaming experience and sabotage your progress since such a mouse will be incapable of registering your movements into the system quickly.

A higher polling rate is always better when it comes to a gaming mouse. The polling rate is measured in Herts (Hz) and a standard office mouse has a polling rate of usually 100 or 125 Hz. Gamers require a mouse with a higher polling rate and most gaming mice come with a polling rate of 1000 Hz, 500 Hz, or 250 Hz.

For example, the Logitech G502 Hero is an excellent choice for a gaming mouse as it performs great and comes at a decent price with a polling rate of about 1000 Hz.

Better Design and Comfort

Perhaps one of the most neglected aspects of a mouse is the comfort it provides. You can never work on a  computer for hours with a mouse that has a crappy design since it will ultimately cause pain in your wrist and hand and result in worse things such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

As a gamer, you can never afford to cause injury to your hands as you always need to stay in tip-top conditions to win matches. When you look at a typical mouse all you can see is a big chunk of plastic resting on a desk.

Such is not the case with gaming mice. Each and every gaming mouse is designed differently to fit every type of hand and grip style so that gamers can choose the one that they find the most comfortable and use it for their gaming.

A gaming mouse that is built good, will not only last longer than traditional mice but also enable you to game for hours during those weekend night gaming sessions. The Razer Deathadder V2 and the Logitech G502 Lightspeed are great choices for a gaming mouse if you want a comfortable grip and a nice experience.

As far as aesthetics go, gaming mice come with RGB lighting that you can customize via the manufacturer’s software.

What are the different grip styles?

As of now, there are 3 grip styles that most gamers use and they include the fingertip grip, claw grip, and palm grip.

  • Fingertip Grip:

The fingertip grip or the tip grip is just what it sounds like. The tip of your fingers is the only thing resting on top of the mouse. You will find most FPS gamers adopting this type of grip style since it allows for faster movement speeds and quicker firing. Mice for this grip style are small in size and weigh very light.

  • Palm Grip:

This grip style is probably the most used one including non-gamers since this is the most natural way of playing your hand on top of something. The entirety of the palm covers the top surface of the mouse. This out of all the three types of grip styles is the most comfortable one and gives the gamer the most control. Unfortunately, you have to exchange speed for this degree of control that the palm grip offers. The Razer DeathAdder V2 is arguably the best palm grip mouse as of now.

  • Claw Grip:

This grip style lies somewhere between the other two where the fingers sit on top of the buttons in the form of a claw. RTS gamers use this style since it offers great control during fast gliding movements. If you’re looking for the best claw grip mouse then the Razer Viper Ultimate is an excellent choice to go for.

Final Verdict

In the end, everything depends on you whether you want a gaming mouse or not. It should be quite obvious by now that a gaming mouse will not only offer you a better gameplay experience but will also drastically improve your gaming skills. If you do plan on buying the best gaming mouse for yourself, then be sure to check out our other articles.

As far as our opinion goes, we do recommend upgrading your mouse if you own a gaming setup, a gaming mouse with its RGB adds that flair to your setup and also gives you the edge you will need for beating those bosses and killing the opponents. Believe us, there is nothing better than achieving a good quality gaming experience.

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