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How to choose a good Username for Instagram?

Instagram is one of the greatest sources to gather attention among millions of active users to your business account and carry out business. Username can be one of the deciding factors that can hit up the attention to their fan and followers.

Selecting a perfect username isn’t a hard deal but requires a bit of consideration. One shouldn’t easily choose a random set of words and change it frequently as it can confuse their fan base about the originality and the authenticity of the product. But before you start looking for a perfect username for yourself, let me tell you that there are hundreds of millions of users on Instagram, finding the desired username isn’t that easy but this checker can help you with checking the username availability on Instagram.

Now, you can consider the following points to select a perfect username for the Instagram account.

1. Don’t change the username too frequently

By maintaining the same username, you can maintain the name and fame among users. Changing the username too frequently can confuse the followers and new fan base. Hence, it is considered bad practice to change the username too frequently.

2. Use the same username on other social platforms

It is suggested to use the same username across all social platforms. This is so because it makes people more acknowledged the brand name and also the product. Also, using the same username makes people able to recognise the name across different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other apps.

3. Choose Unique and easy to remember the name and refrain using underscore

Choosing a unique username makes people recognise Instagram more easily than another account. Use special and unique names which sound catchier to the followers and target audience so that, if they come across your account next time, they get about you in no time.

One should also refrain using underscores many often in the username as it feels too odd in recognizing the name and lacks the professionalism in case of business.

4. Don’t add offensive words on the name

Adding words which are offensive to a certain group of people or community can prove to be hard as it is not only misleading to people but can get you reports on your account. If you are trying to make your business using Instagram, then it is strongly recommended not to use such offensive keywords on your username and account too, as it can degrade the brand value and name badly.

5. Relate your username with your Brand and Business

If your Instagram account is related to your Brand and Business, then it is best to relate your username with your Business and Brand too. Not only it aware people about your brand, but also generates more curiosity among people to let them know more about your business model.


Whether you are an actor or getting started to your business, Instagram is a great platform to work on as there are millions of active users which maybe only from your city itself. Selecting a perfect username for your Instagram account is a preliminary step to gain followers and a new fan base.

Before doing so, you must look at the points mentioned above to select a perfect username for your account.

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