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How to Budget Together: 3 Apps for All Family Members

If only one person in the family keeps track of expenses and income, while the rest spend mindlessly, then all efforts to put finances in order are pointless. Budget planning should involve the whole family. Here are 3 apps that make it possible.

Not every financial accounting app is adapted for overall control, and family members have to either keep their own separate accounting or choose one householder to whom the rest will report their spending data every day. This is inconvenient. For the family budget, programs that synchronize everyone’s expenses and income, in other words, allow you to work in multi-user mode, are more suitable.

Alzex Finance

The app is as easy to use as nationalcasino.com/hi. It can divide income and expenses into different categories and subcategories, including family members, which shows the overall financial picture in great detail. This is the main trick of the program – to divide everything into small components and arrange them as convenient for a particular family. For example, a user can create as many accounts in the program as they want – cash, credit cards, bank accounts, e-wallets, etc. – and combine them into groups.

Several people can work with the family finance database, all they need to do is to synchronize the changes every time via the Internet using the cloud service Dropbox.


Multi-currency app adapted for people who are engaged in exchanges, and cryptocurrency and have in their arsenal a lot of wallets with different savings. The program recognizes about 200 currencies, including 30 cryptocurrencies, and keeps their rates updated.

The primary advantages of the apps:

  • working with the online bank of several of your accounts.
  • Many reminders: about making a mandatory payment; the need to set aside money and others.
  • Automatic synchronization on the phone and website.
  • An interesting design of the application with monsters will make the accounting process not so boring.
  • The report can be created in PDF or Excel, as well as adapted for Google Docs.


A handy online app that can be used completely free of charge from any device. But if you want an adapted app for your smartphone, then you have to buy a paid subscription. But you can’t download the program to your computer. But this is probably not the biggest disadvantage of such an application.

Among the features, you will be able to find:

  • Convenient tools for creating reports and graphs.
  • A budget planning system is provided.
  • All of the family’s cash for the month is shown as a tachometer with an arrow indicating the amount of funds at a particular moment – it’s convenient because the warning red marker will remind you of the running out of funds.
  • It’s possible to link plastic cards of some banks to the application, which will allow the program to automatically enter data on the income and expenditure of funds.
  • The “planning” function will help to save money for large purchases.
  • There is a built-in calendar with reminders about the need to make mandatory payments (for utilities or loans).
  • The program monitors the favorable rates of deposits and loans across the country.

It’s worth noting that the program is adapted for one user only and other family members cannot access your account unless you tell them your password.

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