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How to Block Pop-Ups from Websites


Are you tired of visiting certain websites only to be immediately greeted by a pop-up? Does it frustrate you that some pop-ups keep opening up again even after you’ve closed them, or are a struggle to close in the first place?

The fact of the matter is that pop-ups can be very intrusive and some may even pose a security risk. That is why it is best to block them – and there are several options that you can use in that regard:

  • Built-in browser pop-up blockers

Most of the popular browsers nowadays have their own built-in pop-up blockers, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. In general, the built-in pop-up blockers on browsers are turned on by default, though if you notice that lots of pop-ups are appearing you should check your browser’s settings.


The effectiveness of the native pop-up blocker varies from browser to browser. On the whole, they make a good first step that will deal with most pop-ups – but they aren’t going to block all of them.

  • Third-party ad block extensions

Instead of just relying on the built-in pop-up blocker in your browser, you can download and install other extensions. Nowadays there are lots of different ad-block extensions available – some of which are designed specifically to block pop-ups, while others attempt to block various other ads as well.

Although in some cases this is a step up from the built-in pop-up blocker, the fact of the matter is that all browser extensions do have limitations. As such regardless of which third-party extension you use, some pop-ups may still manage to worm their way through.

  • AdGuard’s dedicated ad blocker app

Being a dedicated and standalone app, AdGuard is able to act as a more capable ad blocker. It will not only block all types of ads throughout any browser that you’re using but also from other places where they may appear – and can stop malware from loading pop-ups as well.

To block pop-ups on Mac with program AdGuard you just need to select the version for your operating system (MacOS, Windows, iOS or Android) and then install it. While each version is unique in its own way, all are able to effectively block pop-ups and prevent them from ever appearing.

Between the options listed above, you should be able to block most pop-ups from websites. Additionally, if you use AdGuard you’ll find that there are lots of other features that help protect you from being tracked by cookies or analytic systems and safeguard you against phishing and other malicious actions.

In short not only will you be able to enjoy websites without having to worry about pop-up ads or other types of ads – but you’ll also be able to rest assured that you are better protected once you start to use AdGuard. Considering the fact that some pop-ups are malicious and designed to contain phishing attempts or malware – the added layer of protection it provides can definitely prove to be useful.