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How to become a professional Poker player

How often do you play poker with your friends in the evening or even down the local casino over the weekend and think “What if I was a pro?”. We’ve all been there but only a very few make it professionally.

After all, that desk job of yours doesn’t look so promising anymore and Susan does drive you mad with all of her chatter about last night’s soap on TV. So perhaps it’s time you really did think about taking your poker game to the next level? Here are some useful tips to help you go pro:

Start Young

As with many jobs these days the best start at a young age. Four of the last six World Series of Poker champions were 25 or younger at the time they won their bracelet. Perhaps it was down to being less fearless and more aggressive like we are at that age.

Be Ridiculously Good

Like with many professions that offer huge sums of money you need to be ridiculously good at your job. We’re talking extremely good if you want to become a professional poker player. You have to be making more profit than losses for starters. And we’re talking about walking away with large sums of cash. It doesn’t matter where or who you are playing, as long as you are continually winning.

Vary Your Opponents

You’ll learn more from varying the types of players you come up against. Those you can read, those that you can’t. Those that stick to the same strategy, those that are flexible, those that know your strategy.

Track Your Play

Those that are best keep a record of their play, to begin with. We’re talking about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours here. It may sound like a lot of work but this is what you need to do to get to the top. This forces you to see how much you’re winning and losing and will hopefully help you learn from your mistakes.

Play Under Pressure

Imagine being at the final table in the World Series of Poker. When you’re in the pros you’re going to come under some intense pressure at times. If you can recreate similar scenarios before you head into the pros then this experience will help you deal with it better than if you had no experience.

Build Your Bankroll

We’re not talking about low stakes here. Or maybe that’s where you begin building your bankroll. But if you want to go professional you need to get used to playing with big amounts and not be nervous about losing it.

Participate In Tournaments

A regular poker game with your friends or even down the local casino will only take you so far. To get some serious experience, and money, you need to play large cash games and tournaments. There are plenty of these happening online, such as https://poker.paddypower.com/tournaments/. Big tournaments such as the World Poker Tour have $10,000 buy-ins.

Learn From the Legends

Poker has a long history of legends and experts whose knowledge is available to be tapped into. From reading books, watching videos or even taking classes, find a mentor who’s been there and done it to show you the ropes.

Quit Your Day Job!

Still reading? Sounds like you’re on your way to stardom. If you’re winning poker tournaments you should now have plenty of money to quit your day job and give professional poker a shot. Without a day job, you need to be making money from poker so the pressure is on…

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