How to Avoid the Most Common Damage to Your Smartphone

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It’s going to happen eventually – you’ll be doing something with your hands and your smartphone will fall to the ground and the screen or camera lens will crack. This situation is almost inevitable, and is just one of many common ways people damage their phones.

Unfortunately, some repairs aren’t cheap. The average repair can cost more than a couple hundred dollars, depending on the model. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to avoid breaking or damaging your smartphone.

nokia phones

Get a durable, rugged case

Using a phone case that has been tested and proven to withstand drops, shocks, and light impacts will go a long way in protecting it from common forms of damage.

One of the best cases on the market is the Unicorn Beetle PRO. You can get this awesome case for a variety of devices, including the new Samsung Galaxy S24, including the Ultra and Plus models. This case has been tested against some of the most extreme conditions that go far beyond common drops. For example, in tests, it has survived being run over by a car, multiple 50-foot drops from a window, being thrown out of a car window going 50 mph, and more.

While a good phone case won’t prevent all damage, it will help you avoid a significant amount of damage caused by simple, everyday accidents.

Break the habit of being careless

Being careless with your phone is an easy habit to get into, and you may not even notice when it’s happening. For example, it’s easy to walk around with your phone in your hand when you’re doing things around the house, but it’s equally easy to drop it on the kitchen floor, down the stairs, or forget you’re holding it when you need to catch something falling off of a counter.

Be intentional with how you carry your phone around. If you don’t have a pocket to keep it secure, invest in a shallow tray that people use for holding keys and other objects. This will keep it safe from random drops and you’ll always know where it is. Wandering around the house means you’re more likely to set your phone down and forget where you put it. Having a tray will solve this problem, too.

Keep your phone secured in a pocket or bag

It’s harder to break a smartphone when it’s in your bag or pocket. Hopefully, you have pants or a jacket that have secure pockets. Hoodie pockets are convenient, but they are open at both ends and that’s risky.

Anytime your phone isn’t in use, tuck it away in your pocket or bag to protect it from accidental drops. You may want to avoid using your back pocket because sitting on your phone probably isn’t a good idea.

Don’t kill your battery

A dead battery is a common form of damage, and it’s easily avoided by not letting your phone drain to 0% battery. Let it drop to around 30% at the lowest and then recharge it to about 85% at the most.

Use a phone grip to hold your device

Phone grips are some of the most underrated accessories around. These are basically loops made of fabric or plastic that you can slide your finger into on the back of your phone. Some of these devices stick onto your phone, while others come built into a phone case. They’re extremely handy and make it easier to take photos and videos in any orientation without dropping your phone. You can also hold your phone more securely while you walk around, although it’s still safer in your pocket.

Don’t rely on waterproof accessories

Water can damage a smartphone more than you think. It sometimes only takes a few splashes to ruin an electronic. Some phones are water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged by water.

Even if your phone is rated to be literally submerged up to a certain depth, that doesn’t mean you should go swimming in the ocean with your phone in your hand. Those ratings are maximums and they aren’t meant to be targets to strive for achieving. Water-resistant phones are nice to have because it means spilling a few drops on it won’t harm it, but it’s still a good idea to be careful.

Phones are replaceable, but they are expensive

Your smartphone is more than a phone – it’s an expensive device that serves multiple purposes and needs to be handled with care. It’s fun to use your phone to take pictures and video, but remember that it’s also quite fragile and should be treated as such.

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