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How the online casinos are becoming more advanced and bringing the new trends

Online casinos have gone a long way since their inception more than 20 years ago. Back when the first online casinos were launched, the majority of players did not like them and preferred to gamble in land-based establishments. But online gaming operators were not ready to back down and kept implementing all sorts of technologies and innovations to make their venues appealing to the casual player. And they have certainly achieved it – 22 years after its launch (in 2016), the online gambling industry outperformed the land-based betting market in terms of revenues.

Evidently, by using cutting-edge technologies, online gaming operators have won the players’ trust. But the online gaming business has not stopped developing – innovations are still emerging, and operators are likely to take advantage of them. Incidentally, the current innovations online casinos are working on are likely to change the online gambling industry once and for all, showing us that the best is yet to come.

In the following article, players can familiarise themselves with the latest online casino trends, which will change online gambling for the better.

Mobile Platform Improvement

As mobile devices have become more widespread than ever before, mobile casinos have changed from a curiosity to a prerequisite – no longer will a player gamble on an online site that does not support mobile gaming.

A few years ago, not only were mobile gaming options limited, but platforms looked crude and unrefined. At present, however, some mobile casinos like SuperCasinoSites.com look better than their PC versions. But that is not all – the mobile casinos of today boast a unique user-friendly interface, which makes gambling on the go as easy as a child’s game.

In the future, more complex mobile devices will be released on the market, and casinos will have to keep up the pace with the latest technologies. That is why we are likely to see an improvement in mobile casino platforms.

Virtual Reality Advancement

Whereas the global-scale introduction of VR casinos is unlikely to happen any time soon, we should not underestimate the potential of VR technology. Developers still have an array of issues to deal with, one of which has to do with the low graphics quality in virtual gambling venues. But the technical difficulties are not the only thing that slows down the global launch of VR casinos.

VR headsets, albeit significantly cheaper than they once were, remain rather expensive, and thus, unaffordable. Of course, as the average gambler cannot afford to buy VR gear, major casino operators do not find it necessary to invest in VR casinos. So, until prices for VR gear decrease substantially, we are unlikely to see a global launch of VR casinos.

Despite the fact that VR casinos are unlikely to gain popularity worldwide in the next couple of years, one casino operator has decided to invest in VR technology. At present, SlotsMillion Casino is the first fully-launched VR casino, and those who own VR headsets can check it out.

Cryptocurrency Use to Rising Substantially

Cryptocurrencies have advanced significantly over the years, and experts believe their future lies in online casinos. More and more casinos allow cryptocurrency betting, and there are even venues, which work with cryptocurrency payments only.

The majority of experts used to believe that reputable gambling regulators will never set their eyes on cryptocurrency betting. And yet, the number of online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies (which, by the way, grows by the day) has caught the attention of the Malta Gaming Authority. Consequently, the Malta government voted on the establishment of the first regulations for cryptocurrency exchange not long ago.

Cryptocurrencies are being used for all kinds of betting activities, including eSports. Curiously, a number of cryptocurrencies have been launched to cater to the needs of eSports gamblers, which testifies to the fact that cryptocurrencies have a future in the online gaming business.

Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Without a doubt, we will have to wait at least a couple of years before the first AI technologies are introduced in online casinos. But once this happens, the public will welcome the new face of online gambling.

If you have ever chatted with a casino’s customer support, you might have noticed that, at times, the personnel gives completely illogical answers. That is because most casinos use bots and not real people in customer support and live chat sections. But bots can rarely cater to your needs and help you solve problems. Once AI is implemented, though, casino players will finally be able to chat with bots that can help them solve any problems.

Interestingly, AI has a future in the land-based gambling industry as well. A Hong Kong firm has created the world’s first AI robot croupier prototype called Min. Back in 2016, the AI robot was used in some casinos in Macau and in the US and was fully capable of dealing with cards.

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