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How the Latest Vape Tech Has Made it Easy for Smokers to Make the Switch

Quitting smoking is hard. That’s why more than half of smokers want to quit but are unable to. In fact, conservative estimates suggest that on average, it takes anywhere between 8 and 14 attempts to quit before succeeding. Some studies put this number at 30 attempts.

Steep, but a good number of smokers really can’t argue with that.

Nicotine is one of the hardest substances to quit, right up there in the infamous company of heroin and cocaine. However, while it’s the biggest factor when it comes to kicking the habit, it’s not the only one.

The cessation tool factor

Up until circa 2010 when vaping started going mainstream, the only nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products available to smokers mostly came in the form of nicotine gum, transdermal patches, lozenges, oral inhalers, and nasal sprays. But ask anyone who has tried them and they’ll admit these are not the most effective quitting aids.

While they provide the nicotine, these products have an inherent shortcoming that makes them ineffective cigarette substitutes. Unlike an e-cig device, there is no physical product to replicate the smoking sensation. There is no hand-to-mouth action that simulates the act of smoking, neither can most NRTs be inhaled like you would a cigarette, the smoke production part notwithstanding.

It is these basic aspects that make vaping the most effective quitting tool available: it replicates smoking down to the last detail; only this time, there is no tar involved or the thousands of harmful chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes.

The evolution of the vape device

Thing is, though, vape devices of yesteryears were not as effective as the modern hardware we have today. While these devices did tick all the boxes – with some like cig-a-likes (the first generation of electronic cigarettes) even resembling a burning cigarette – they were faulted for being underwhelming and many smokers found themselves relapsing and picking up cigarettes again not so long after.

It was understandable considering the industry was still in its nascent stages. Over the years, however, vape tech has evolved a great deal to the point that today, smokers have e-cig devices capable of fighting nicotine cravings as effectively as a combustible cigarette – if not better.

So, what changed?

Well, many things, but it all boils down to user experience. The e-cig devices of old were not very effective when it came to nicotine delivery. Some, like the first-generation cig-a-likes, didn’t even offer a decent amount of nicotine in the first place.

The older devices also didn’t pack as much power as their modern counterparts, and for those that did (case in point mechanical mods), they were too powerful to provide an enjoyable experience for the average smoker only interested in finding an effective quitting aid.

But the evolution of vape technology over the years has changed all that.

The modern e-cig device is more compact in size, yet packs battery power to last an entire day of vaping. The introduction of the mesh coil limits wastage, while increasing the hardware’s lifespan. Heating speeds have improved, and the latest tech hardware even allows for customisation, once only a preserve of advanced mods.

Smokers also have an array of better options to choose from these days. Whether you’re a light, intermediate or heavy smoker, there is a device that can get the job done, with vape starter kits available for users across the board.

Importantly, advancements in vape technology have has also seen the introduction of the pod device, the latest generation of electronic cigarettes that have changed vaping as we knew it. Compact in nature, the archetypal pod system makes use of a type of e-liquid known as nicotine salt that provides better satisfaction than normal e-liquid (known as freebase nicotine).

Fortunately, the latest vape hardware – including vape pens and sub-ohm devices – has also been repurposed to work with nic salts which deliver nicotine to the body faster and as effectively as a regular cigarette.

Today, it’s easier more than ever to quit smoking, thanks to these advances in vape technology.

Right Tool for the Job: Vape Devices are not Equal

For smokers looking to quit using an e-cig device, finding the right device is important. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the myriad of options out there, but you might want to focus on either of two types of devices:

  • An MTL tank – best replicates the smoking experience, including inhaling
  • Pod mod – the hassle-free device that pairs best with the super-effective salt nics

It’s important to source your vape hardware from a trusted vape supplier to ensure you’re investing in a genuine product. The vape industry is not short of counterfeits, and buying a knock-off unwittingly is only going to leave you frustrated.

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