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How Technology Can Improve Your Business Processes

With the constant emergence of new technologies over the past decades, modern organizations have experienced a complete transformation in the way they conduct their business. There are now countless apps, systems, and programs that can assist virtually any department – and industry – which, when harnessed correctly, can improve business processes.

Technology is essentially about innovation, and when it comes to businesses, this means finding new ways to improve the products, solutions, and services they offer. By utilizing technology to improve processes, companies open up new ways of doing business and consequently new roads to growth and success.

In many cases, technology doesn’t necessarily introduce new practices into the organization; instead, it speeds up or streamlines the processes you already have in place. To demonstrate what this looks like in practice, let’s look at some of the ways you can improve your business processes by adopting the right technology.

Improved Efficiency

The primary benefit of using technology for your business is its ability to replace almost any manual process that costs your business both time and resources. By automating these processes, you will not only be able to redirect your time towards other tasks, but you will also improve the overall functioning of your internal workflow.

Take, for example, your expense management process. With expense report software, you can completely automate your expense management system – from receipt scanning to payment processing. All the hours that go into filing, approving, and reimbursing expenses can be subtracted down to mere minutes – and you no longer have to worry about your employees spending their time on spotting or fixing errors.

In that same way, any manual or physical back-and-forth between teams can be sped up and streamlined with the use of technology that can automate and update data between devices.

Flexible Working

One of the most pronounced transformations brought about by technology is the use of communication tools. With every employee owning a smartphone and either laptop or desktop, they can communicate freely and flexibly at any time.

Technology-powered communication has especially proven essential with the adoption of remote working schemes, as coworkers can now communicate just as easily from any given location. Tools such as timezone APIs that display the local time of all international coworkers or synced calendars for an overview of differing national holidays can also provide the necessary groundwork for managing your processes no matter the location or circumstance.

Effective Project Management

Technology has also brought significant improvements to project management, as business owners and leaders can now track, automate, and streamline tasks. One example is web-based project management tools that allow teams to share and collaborate on materials while having an overview of the process at all times.

Some applications can also easily read your data, analyze it, and create reports or graphs on numerous metrics. If you’re having the weekly report blues and wish you could automatically jump to presenting the findings, these programs are the perfect way to save you all the sweet time in between. They can also summarize all the data on your behalf, saving you the trouble of going through the numbers repeatedly to check for errors.

Increased Productivity

For those processes that cannot be automated, technology can analyze your working patterns and identify the best ways to make your processes – and your employees – as productive as possible. Think about your production process. If you have an inefficient timeframe for tasks or can structure the process differently, the software can identify an optimal arrangement for making your system more efficient.

There are also programs such as task management tools that allow employees to stay on top of their daily responsibilities and email management apps that remind you to answer messages within a specified time frame. There are numerous productivity applications on the market that can keep your teams on track – you just have to find the one that works best for you. Alternatively, you can let your employees choose the ones that make the most sense for them.


Technology has significantly affected the way organizations handle their daily processes – acting as a catalyst for their transformation and improvement.

First, it can improve the efficiency of the processes by allowing automation of systems otherwise slowed down by the necessity for manual input. Secondly, it allows for flexible working, as remote teams can now work with no obstruction by distance or time. And lastly, apps that focus on project management or productivity can improve your internal processes by keeping your teams on top of their tasks at all times.

Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, or manager, technology is the ultimate solution for optimizing your processes and taking the business to the next level.

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