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How tech gadgets have transformed the casino industry

The casino industry has seen significant growth in recent years, thanks to technological advancements that have made online casinos and gaming apps possible. The internet has opened its doors for the industry to reach players who cannot visit brick-and-mortar casinos, or who would like to enjoy gaming from the comfort of their own home.

One driver in this phenomenon is the surge in mobile gaming. People have become increasingly dependent on their smartphones, with most now preferring mobile use over desktops or laptops. That explains Google’s rollout of its mobile-first index, which means that its search algorithm will prioritise mobile-responsive websites.

This move towards a mobile-first future has led casino brands to develop apps to improve a user’s gaming experience. Know Techie notes that there are now more mobile casinos than browser casinos online, which makes sense since mobile is more convenient and accessible. With this, users can play at their own convenience wherever they are. PC-Tablet previously explained that these casino games aren’t just limited to smartphones, as people can also play on their tablets, smartwatches, and even game consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox.

Players at home can also participate in live casinos which simulate the real-life casino experience. Live casinos have actual dealers interacting with people through real-time video feeds, a service that has been made possible through 4G networks. The line between real-life casinos and online casinos was blurred when the casino streaming trend caught on. It began when Blueprint Gaming partnered with Twitch streamer Kim Hultman to promote their casino game White Rabbit. After the stream reached thousands of viewers, other content creators were inspired to try their hand at it as well.

But beyond these developments are frontier technologies that are seen as disruptive to the industry. There are now full virtual reality casinos such as SlotsMillion Casino, the first of its kind in the world. In PC Tablet’s previous post on the latest trends on online casinos, we also discussed the entry of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. Most of these technologies are now adopted by up and coming players in the industry who are not afraid to raise the stakes.

The rise of mobile casinos and online gaming, however, will not render brick and mortar establishments obsolete. Rather, these virtual means will only complement actual gaming hubs by expanding their reach and getting more people interested in the games. We are already seeing this in popular casino hotspots around the world like Vegas, Monaco, and China. Speaking to Baltimore Sun, chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts International James Murren said that “the slot floors that you see today are not going to be in existence 10 years from now.” Murren refers to a current trend in Vegas, where a future of smartphone-assisted betting and e-sports are now on the cards to broaden the pool of players in the city.

China is also a top destination for casino gaming, and even locals are a big part of this renewed interest and engagement. Expat Bets’ guide on gaming in China specified that over 65% of people from the mainland go to regions like Macau and Hong Kong to play in casinos. This comes in addition to young players who are looking to online gaming as well to play. We are more likely to see apps and virtual environments augmenting actual casino experiences rather than a full migration to digital platforms.

As technology continues to develop, people can expect more innovations to disrupt the casino sector. Imagine what casinos would look like in the future, if blockchain technology or even artificial intelligence finds a place in established gaming institutions? We bet that tech is bound to create new experiences and sources of excitement for gaming in the coming years.

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