How Smartphones Can Help With Addiction Recovery How Smartphones Can Help With Addiction Recovery

How Smartphones Can Help With Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery can often be a long and difficult journey, but modern technology provides a range of tools which can help to support the process. Smartphones in particular can provide a range of features that can be harnessed to facilitate recovery, including support networks, goal setting, and access to vital information.

We run down some of the best ways smartphones are helping people through their addiction recovery process at present…

Access to Support Networks

Smartphones make it easy to access online support systems for those that have gone through alcohol or drug addiction treatment and are now in recovery. Many online communities provide support and advice for those in recovery, and smartphone apps can make it easier to access these.

The number of apps on the market these days is quite staggering, and they can help in all sorts of ways, from bringing support networks closer to you (after all, you only need to tap a few icons), to helping you mark off the days in which you’ve been in recovery.

Goal Setting

Smartphones also have various features that can help individuals set and track goals in their recovery journey. For example, the ‘My Goals’ app allows users to set and track progress against a range of goals, helping to encourage motivation and commitment to their recovery. Furthermore, the ‘MyFitnessPal’ app can be used to track nutrition and exercise goals and help to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Goal setting is really important in recovery, whether it be getting to one week sober, two weeks, one month, one year, and so on, or having completely separate goals such as fitness ones that can give you something to work towards, not only taking the mind off addiction but also improving things such as self-worth.

Access to Vital Information

Smartphones also make it easier to access vital information about addiction and recovery. For example, there are apps that provide users with information about various types of addiction and the recovery process, as well as links to treatment centers and other resources. Furthermore, there are others that can help those in recovery to find local clinics and treatment centres.

Smartphones really can provide a range of features that can help to support those in addiction recovery. By accessing online support networks, setting and tracking goals, and accessing vital information, individuals can benefit from the use of smartphones in their recovery journey.