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How private is a free VPN connection? How to improve your online security?

The issue with online security is a broad issue that bothers both companies and end-users through key issues about online security in Communication with remote web services and sites. The basic issues of online security are related to the protection of content in communication, identity, website, streaming, payment transactions, identity, etc. It is widely known that when we are on the public network, all our data, location, protocols, and browsing history can be accessed by our internet provider and all other predators and intruders – from hackers physically to virus software such as malware, crypto viruses and other internet bots, that hack into the user devices themselves or collect our data on an open network.

The reasons for online protection exist in the already well-known danger of extorting money by locking your accounts, devices or partitions on your device, by another person or stealing personal or confidential company data, passwords, and selling to a third party.

The focus of Online Security

  1. Browsing history
  2. IP address
  3. Location
  4. Web activity
  5. The security of Your device and all data on it

How can a VPN connection help?

This problem is easily solved with the help of VPN connection service, which will allow you to access any online service and all web pages, regardless of the network you are connected to, by masking your IP address and location through a VPN server. Eventually, for those who search, monitor and scan, you will be hidden behind the IP address and location, so that the connection between your computer and the VPN server will be encrypted and protected. No one will be able to see the information they exchange.

Why do we need to use a VPN connection?

VPN connection in a basic concept that represents a higher degree of network security. We have to take into account that although we use only HTTPs protocols, our access to the public network is not hidden and we do not know who can track our information. VPN is a software service that creates a tunnel for the flow of data between your local network and an output node at another location that is thousands of miles away, making it possible to work in a connected system as if you were in the same room. This benefit provides a degree of protection and freedom on the public network or access to favorite applications and websites with the ability to protect all key elements of personal and professional data security, location, search history online behaviour, passwords, identities, using scanning encryption data when sent over a Wi-Fi network.

However, compared to open network communication where our internet provider has the insight into the contents of our internet communication, the VPN connection is a really good solution for online security if we don’t know if we hid the data we want to keep for ourselves.

So VPN Encryption makes data unreadable to the unknown interceptors. No one can see what is happening in the created tunnel.

How do we choose and access a VPN?

When choosing access to the VPN connection, most people choose free VPN services independently of the VPN Provider. We have to wonder why the free service is really free and what Free VPN can mean in terms of users.

If VPN services mean access to remote VPN services from which users can access commercial Web services securely and covertly, we have to wonder why, in addition to the promotional purpose of this service by VPN providers, they would be free.

A free VPN connection is a service that allows you to access a network of VPN servers, along with the necessary software, without having to pay anything.

Are free VPNs really free?

Of course, nothing is really free, since hosting a VPN server network bears monthly costs, along with development and support for applications. Given the high recurring costs of running a VPN service, why are there so many free VPNs?

Why would someone provide us with a free service? The answer lies in the fact that in the use of free VPN service our data is hidden from our Internet providers and free interceptors on the network, our IP address is masked, our location is hidden, but – our data can be misused by VPN providers in the sale to a third party for various purposes.

The provider’s VPN service has costs,  from hosting a VPN server network that bears monthly costs for the providing, along with application development and support. Given the high recurring costs of running a VPN service, why are there so many free VPNs?

It has been proven that many free internet services are very dangerous for users because they actually charge users of free web services and applications for those same services by collecting their data and selling it to third parties.

Why free VPNs aren’t a good idea

So a free VPN is definitely cashed in by the end-user. What we can find as statistics on Free VPNs is the fact that 38% of free VPN services contain some form of Malware and other malware to corrupt your data.

In all sets of Free VPN services, we can find many types of different free VPN services,  from free basic to a premium free trial with a small free sample that you can use in free trial versions.

When we talk about online security in the context of free VPN service, they can be tolerated as the only safe for premium but trial variants for a limited period of time when the VPN provider will give full user protection without data abuse, to show the potential customer how secure it can be. All long-term free VPN services carry great risk for all types of private and professional user data.

If we have all the IP parameters of geo-location places where there are servers or client machines that need to be included in the internal and secure communication network, then it is better to think about creating your own VPN connection protocol.

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