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How office IT really improves efficiency


When you think of how reliant people have now become on IT in their workplace it is unbelievable.  Compared to 1 or maybe 2 decades ago when IT wasn’t as common, how did these companies operate effectively?  No matter what type of industry it is you work in, the likelihood is that, you will no doubt you will use a lot of IT and if it fails it would seriously impact your operational performance.  This could be in relation to telephones, computer, TVs etc.  It is important that as a company, you do not only review your current IT infrastructure but you have some solid robust plans if things go wrong.  Some companies rely on basic IT so much that if it goes down, they may as well send all their employees home for the day.  Here are some examples of how you can use IT to improve the efficiency in your office.


No doubt from time to time, in your office people will require to print things.  Many companies then purchase the most up to date printers that will support all type of activities such as scanning, emailing and faxing.  Previously you would have potentially had to look at different wiring solutions for your office to ensure that people would be able to connect to these but nowadays the majority of this can all be done via Wi-Fi where people can just link their printers to the computer by pressing a few clicks.  One of the risks with this approach is if the Wi-Fi goes down and you have no backup.  These sorts of printers can be purchased from an online retailer like Winc Australia who has reliable options like the Brother HL-1110 for $81.00 and dozens of others to consider.  Make sure you check out all the options as you could potentially get everything you need from one purchase.



Depending on what it is your business does will affect how you rely on the computers.  It is hard to imagine nowadays anyone who doesn’t use a computer or laptop when in work.  As computers have changed so much throughout the recent years then it may be time for a refresh.  They are far more capable, store a lot more and are a lot faster every year.  This then helps the people that use them work a lot faster and ultimately improves efficiency.  Computers are also not as expensive now as to what they were years ago and you can get a good reliable PC or laptop for a few hundred pounds.  It is crucial that you consider the correct virus protection on these also to prevent a bug from getting onto your computer.  This is a risk that continues to grow and you will see that in the news there are constant cases of companies being held to ransom and they require a lot of money to get access back to their computers or data.

Cell Phones

Cell phones used to be a luxury however as they are so cheap nowadays then you will see that companies give them out quite easily to employees.  This then allows them to access calls and emails out of hours or when traveling and out of the office.  It is important though that if you consider this option that work-life balance is taken into consideration as you do not want employees to feel obliged to be working out of hours on a constant basis as that could have a negative effect on morale and as a consequence productivity/efficiency.  You can get good business deals on phones depending on the number of calls, data or range you are looking for.  Shop around and haggle with companies to get the best price options.


How did companies operate before the internet?  It is hard to imagine.  This has become the norm nowadays in both the business and personal lives of people.  Whether it be on the cell phone to get a connection, iPad or office computer.  Make sure that you have a good efficient and reliable Wi-Fi package with a reputable company.  These packages are not expensive and depending on the size of your company, you can get some really good deals.  Make sure that you do your research on the speed options to make sure it is as fast as possible.  In addition to this, do a bit of research on the company to make sure that they have a good back up plan if things go wrong.  You don’t want to go with a company that boasts really high speeds but then the reliability of the connection is poor.  You want a guarantee for 100% connectivity.

Make sure that your office IT is working as effectively as possible.