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How Netflix Utilizes AI to Recommend Content and Improve Engagements


AI has a great impact on the film industry. Can you imagine streaming movies that are vigorously graced with learning algorithms? Here is the reality, AI has made its way into the hefty aspects of the entertainment industry not only to help design graphics or develop scripts but to determine the success of the movies and promote such projects. One example where AI seems to have landed on both feet is in Netflix services.

Netflix seems to have been successful in its attempt to predict its audience behaviours and likings.

What could be behind all this, that Netflix can predict which best genres to give to its subscribers? It is all about AI solutions that have resulted in Netflix’s accurate marketing decisions.

Would you not like to know how Netflix used AI to improve engagements? It all boils down to looking for connections and defining the probable audience magnitudes. Once Netflix has the audience size, it uses an AI model to compare the audience sizes of related work in a certain region.  For instance, it’s able to capture trending action movies on Netflix.

There are so many ways in which Netflix uses AI to promote its content and brand experience.

How Netflix Utilizes AI to recommend content and Improve engagement

Anyone who has watched Iron Man is likely to watch Thor. This is a simple technique adopted by Netflix to analyze what other viewers may be interested in. It’s a way to keep you engaged and hence make sure you skip your lunch to renew your monthly subscription.

But what does Netflix use to get to this?

Use of data analytics

Can you recall the last show you streamed on Netflix? Did Netflix recommend similar shows? What could be the deal here? It’s all about Netflix data analytics. You get the recommendation because Netflix has used the system to search for movies similar to those you may have watched.

Netflix is good at using data science to give you recommendations. It does this by investing in algorithms. This way, Netflix provides the best experience to its users. For instance, you may wonder how Netflix can get to around 74 million subscribers in Canada and in the U.S to determine their behaviour. And later use the data to recommend movies or shows based on the viewer’s preferences.

Netflix has the data on the date and time a certain movie was viewed. It’s also able to see the viewers who paused and whether they continued with the viewing or not. Meaning, Netflix can have a detailed profile on all its users.

Netflix uses a recommendation system with the help of machine learning algorithms. And can search for similarities of products.

Machine learning

Machine learning helps Netflix to determine which thumbnails have the highest click rate. There are many thumbs up and thumbs down for shows and movies, among other data such as the viewer’s location, the device used to stream, etc.

There are many ways in which Netflix can use machine learning, including. Auto-generated thumbnail, content recommendations, location for shooting, streaming, and content quality

The above has been all successful due to a perfect ranking and layout. This is on the basics; it becomes easy to learn what you like based on what a certain fan has watched. It’s assumed that the same fan may have an interest in certain movies or shows. All this information is obtained from the recommender system.

Data experts have to come up with a correlation, what interests someone by observing their viewing history etc. With this, they try to obtain a certain pattern by grouping similar viewers together and hence get their taste. Netflix goes all the way to explore with the use of a sample hypothesis. It’s able to know what content is doing good and vice versa.

Netflix does some tests to determine the outcome and what best suits customers’ preferences.

The application of machine learning has brought up an unbeatable impact that has left unforgettable experiences to Netflix users. And it seems the adoption of AI will remain at its peak and will continue to get stronger with more inventions.

How does Netflix use machine learning?

What happens when you want to stream a certain movie on Netflix and a hundred of them appear on the list? This brings about the use of machine learning.

While there are loads of ways Netflix uses machine learning, one best way is using a recommendation system. It gives viewers a clue of what they want to watch.

The art behind this is that Netflix marks the images with the highest likelihood of being clicked by the users. The images are based on what any viewer who has viewed a concept similar to yours may have clicked on. Also, machine learning enhances the optimization of video and audio encoding.


The idea behind all the data analytics, machine learning, is for Netflix to get more subscribers.

Netflix will only offer recommendations depending on your taste or liking. It has been able to constantly improve its engagements by the optimization of AI, which has enabled it to emerge as one of the best recommendation systems globally.

As you sit back to watch Army of Thieves or Snakes on a Plane, don’t forget that you are watching nothing else other than a blend of one of the best-unmatched data insights. And AI has played a part to give you that perfect experience.

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