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How Mobile App Testing can fulfill modern-day customer expectations  

As per the statistics, 48.88% of the world population use mobile apps, and in fact, have become an integral part of their lifestyle. This modern age millennial generation can step without cash but not a mobile phone. As mobile apps have become an integral part of the modern millennial generation, their expectations are also increasing with time. As per the estimates, 68% of the app users uninstall an app having a high loading time. Any obstacle to in-app usage can lead the customer to switch to your competitors. Due to this high competition in the mobile app market, the brands are focusing on mobile app testing to provide a seamless and excellent user experience to their customers.

Increasing the page loading speed

While using mobile applications, having high loading speed is a must otherwise it irritates the customers. If your mobile app consumes a great time in loading, instead of providing service to the customer, the app consumes their time. Hence mobile app testing is required to ensure that the application runs seamlessly.

Performance testing helps in validating the performance, stability, reliability, scalability, and resource usage of a software application under a particular workload. The page loading speed of the application is reduced by validating the app through a number of tests like load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, spike testing, volume testing, scalability testing, etc. Hence all these validations, help the QA teams to analyze the number of users and set a high loading time.

Provides Simple and attractive UI

The UI of the application is the first impression for the customers, hence even the wrong color scheme can affect the brand impression. The menus should be functional and user-friendly, likewise, the entire navigation must be very simple in the mobile apps.

Hence the GUI testing ensures that your mobile app functions well has simple navigation and is bug-free. In GUI testing all the UI elements are checked if they are functioning well, their alignment, color, etc is validated.

Enhances user experience

Mobile app testing techniques like cross browser testing enhance the user experience by validating the compatibility of the mobile apps with multiple browsers, devices, etc. Nowadays, new versions of browsers, mobile devices, etc. get updated frequently. Hence if the mobile app is not compatible with the new browser updates, the user might face device fragmentation issues. Hence in order to maintain a good user experience, the application must be compatible with the complete range of device and browser versions to maintain compatibility.


We are living in a digital transformation era where new app features get released every now. Due to the high customer demands, brands make sure that the new features meet customer expectations with on-time delivery. Hence brands are focusing on mobile application testing to make sure that the application is bug-free, functions well, and provides excellent user expectations. In the Agile model, the features are tested even after being deployed to the production server. Hence if the client-side spots any bugs, they can be immediately rectified. Also, mobile app testing analyses the amount of user load to make sure that the app does not gets crashed due to the high amount of users. Hence all these factors prove that mobile application testing is a must to ensure an excellent user experience.

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