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How Kanban Boards are Helping Businesses Work More Efficiently


When you run a business, it can be easy to ignore the things that can potentially improve how efficiently your team works. It can be hard to know what sort of things that your team needs to improve on, especially when you have a lot on your plate. There are many ways of dealing with this sort of problem but one of the most popular right now is the use of Kanban boards. In this article, we are going to have a look at what Kanban boards are and how they can help to improve the efficiency of businesses that use them. If you’d like to know more about this impressive method of improving how a team works, keep reading.

What Are Kanban Boards?

So, what is a Kanban board? A Kanban board is a type of ordering system that stems from the whole Lean manufacturing concept. The whole system works as a scheduling system that is created to try to increase the overall productivity of a team. This works by trying to organize different tasks and identify problems by reducing idle time. A Kanban board works well to try and locate the areas where your team could improve without having to spend time talking about it in a meeting.


The visualization of the tasks that need to be completed is extremely important for showing your team what needs to be done and what is already in progress. Kanban boards are used by many different types of teams and so they are something which you should seriously consider. Kanban boards are a great way of bringing your team together and encouraging communication. By being able to track other members of the team’s progress, work can be completed together and on time.

How Does It Work?

Kanban boards can either be digital or physical, depending on the needs of your company. The board itself is split into different sections to help increase the workflow. These different sections include columns and swimlanes that you progress through as you complete various tasks. The different columns will represent the different stages of task completion. These different stages are labeled ‘requested’, ‘in progress’ and ‘done’. The swimlanes allow you to move through the Kanban board as you complete more tasks.

For certain types of teams, the layout of the Kanban board may be different from the basic model. If your development team tends to have more detailed tasks, the Kanban board can be split into many more columns and swimlanes than the three main ones. This can really help to make the tasks clearer and encourage the competition of tasks more quickly and efficiently.

How Can a Kanban Board Help?

With the promise of an improvement in efficiency in a team, Kanban boards are becoming very popular. If you choose a digital Kanban board, you are likely to reap the benefits even more so than those who choose the physical board. The board itself is just an extension of the well-known task board processes that many companies are already using. The great thing about Kanban boards is that a lot of providers offer the system free of charge or let you try it out for free to see if it is right for your company. Having a board like this in a digital format can also be really beneficial for those companies who are not based in one location meaning that a physical board wouldn’t work. Giving your team the opportunity to access this sort of technology will help to improve efficiency and encourage them to complete the project quicker. Improving accessibility is always important in managing a team and you’ll be impressed with how much a Kanban board can do.

Saving Time on Your Project

Another way that a Kanban board can help to improve the efficiency of your business is the way in which it saves a lot of time. When you are working on a project or heading towards a release date, saving time is very important in order to make the entire project a success. With the main draw of a Kanban board being to improve how your team works, saving time is a by-product of this. As the whole process is shared through a Kanban board, all members of the team are able to understand which parts of the project are still in progress and which parts have already been completed. This is a great way of preventing problems from being ignored and passed over for other parts of the project. As these problems arise, other team members are able to step in and help to solve them before they become a bigger issue. This will then save time in the long run when it comes to fixing any problems at the end. This sort of visualization will help to teach your team what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. This will then encourage them to improve their efficiency levels and in turn, save time over the whole project.

Find the Right Design for Your Team

When it comes to Kanban boards, the design can be changed depending on what sort of needs your team has. By choosing a design that suits the type of project that you are completing and the way in which your team works, you can ensure that your team is working more efficiently. Online Kanban boards are great for being adaptable to the needs of your team and they’ll find it easier to understand if it has been tailored towards them.

Staying on Top of Priority Work

Sometimes when a lot of different people are working on the one project, it can be hard to manage who is working on what task. This can also open up the possibility for people to be spending time on tasks that do not require as much urgency as others. This is where a Kanban board can really help your team work more efficiently together. This sort of board can limit the work that stays in the work-in-progress column. This will prevent members of your team from spending too much time on the tasks that are not so important. Productivity is less likely to be slowed down as there is less of a risk of work overload. Adding tasks to a Kanban board can be really effective in increasing productivity and ensuring that it will all be completed on time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kanban boards are a really effective way of improving the way that your team works and getting tasks done on time. When you run a business, it is important that you are able to manage what is going on to ensure that the project is completed effectively. Taking some time to understand how a Kanban board works can really help to benefit you in the future. Never again will you think that you are nearly done with a project to then find out that there are things that have not be completed way back towards the start of the project. Bring your team together, make the progress of the tasks more accessible and you are likely to see the benefits sooner rather than later.