How is Zupee innovating Ludo with a focus on skill

Ludo, the classic board game enjoyed by generations, takes on a whole new dimension with Zupee’s innovative approach. Zupee believes in putting players at the heart of everything they do. That’s why the platform has transformed Ludo into a skill-predominant gameplay that rewards strategic thinking and skillful play.

The Dice Don’t Always Decide

One of the biggest innovations in Zupee’s Ludo online games is the introduction of formats where dice don’t dictate your fate. Imagine playing Ludo without ever needing to roll a 6! This adds a layer of skill and enables players to focus on strategic movement from the very beginning.

Time for Tactics and Hurdles to Conquer

Zupee introduces even more variety. Time-based formats combine points with speed, testing your motor skills and strategic thinking under pressure. Can you outmaneuver your opponent and maximize your score before the clock runs out? That’s an interesting spin.

Ludo Supreme: Redefining the Classic

Zupee’s Ludo Supreme takes the classic game even further. Unlike traditional Ludo where getting a 6 dominates the early game, Ludo Supreme offers all four tokens playable from the start. This allows for immediate strategizing. Cutting an opponent’s token? They’re not sent all the way back, but can re-enter the game with any number. The game also doesn’t end abruptly when one player finishes. Instead, a set time limit ensures everyone has a fair shot at victory.

Beyond the Game: A Commitment to Fair Play

Zupee’s commitment goes beyond innovative gameplay. Fair play is the name of the game at Zupee. It offers free practice games and games with friends, so you can hone your skills before entering paid matches. Zupee also has a strict no-bot policy and uses a certified random number generator for dice rolls, ensuring fair play for all.

Start the Zupee Ludo download process and enjoy with your friends & family!

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