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How is the Changing Landscape of SEO Going to Look in 2021?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most potent ways to draw customers into an online platform. An investment in organic traffic is an excellent approach to get consumers flowing to your website, but only if you employ the right techniques. The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up to date with recent trends. Nevertheless, staying on top of the trends is worth every effort. Let’s take a peek into how the changing landscape of SEO is going to look in 2021.

Video Content

Online videos are getting more and more popular.  For an SEO strategy to be effective, it will need to include video content. YouTube has 2+ billion users across the globe. These numbers show that most people appreciate consuming video content. Video marketing has the potential to keep your customers tuned to the message you are trying to send. Also, video content is excellent for demonstrating the working of your products to potential consumers.

Video marketing is not the cheapest, but the engagement and ROI make it worth every penny. To nail video SEO changes in 2021, you need to select your channel name and video description strategically. Avoid cramming the video description with keywords. Instead, have a deep understanding of the channel. Another trick for optimizing your topic is using the auto-complete feature. Auto-complete will give you an idea of what most people search for in the platform.

Voice Search

Advancement in technology has seen innovations like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and other voice technologies become more mainstream. More households are starting to own smart speakers. Voice search is one of the SEO changes in 2021 set to impact search queries because of its efficiency. To optimize your content for voice search, you need to pay attention to the keywords. Try to use longer phrases that people tend to use in normal conversations. Long-tail keywords are the best to use because people usually use longer phrases for voice search queries than typed searches. Consider adding a little flavour of natural-sounding language to your content.

Page Speed

The loading speed of your webpage creates the first impression to any visitor. It could sadly be the last impression if your loading speeds are too slow. Slow website speeds are very frustrating and are a quick turn-off for anyone visiting your site. Optimizing speeds will result in low bounce rates, high return visits, more conversions, more engagement, and a better ranking in organic search.

Improving your page load time will get you more traffic that will impact your sales and marketing. The first step in optimizing your speed is knowing your current load time. You can use some performance evaluation tools like Pingdom, Yslow, or Google Pagespeed Insights. To improve your speeds, you could consider moving your page to a better host, reducing the number of plugins, reducing redirects, among other methods.

Website Security

People are becoming more careful and smarter with how they interact online. Everyone wants to know that they are safe from cybercriminals who are preying on their data. Any digital marketer needs to understand that website security is of utmost importance. The security of your site affects your SEO ranking in 2021. For your website to get organic search ranking, it has to earn it. Prioritizing security is one of the best ways to get higher rankings. You need to secure your website so that it guarantees them that your website is safe. You wouldn’t want visitors to load your website and get the notification on the browser “insecure website.” It will force them to close your website.

Neglecting website security could throw a spanner in your SEO works. To assure your visitors that their data is secure on your website, you need to switch to an HTTPS domain. You can do this by buying an SSL certificate for your site. This will encrypt the in-transit communication that transpires between the web browser and the client-server. There are many types and vendors of these certificates. For example, you can go for RapidSSL or Comodo SSL Certificates to safeguard interactions with your site.
Using an unsecured website is becoming more outdated as more people become more aware of the significance of online security.

Relevant Content

Another SEO change in 2021 is relevant keywords. Cramming in keywords in your content will not cut it. The content has to be relevant for it to get conversions and a better ranking. The search engine giant is keen on passing rich content to its audience. You could try to optimize your content without stuffing it with keywords.

Know your audience and create content that caters to them. That will ensure that your content is natural and ideal. You could also add long-tail keywords to break the monotony of keywords. Try to balance between short and long keywords. Also, you could put keywords in meta descriptions and meta titles. Churning out quality and educative content is the way to go in 2021.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics will help you know your buyers, create better campaigns with intentional messaging. Data science and analytics will come a long way in helping you identify the URLs that are most likely to get crawled, know your page loading time, know referral sources, bounce rates, among others. Data analytics will help you know which pages you do not wish to have crawlers indexing. You also get to narrow down on unwanted traffic sites like spam sites. Focusing on analytics lets, you know where you are succeeding and ways to improve your web presence.

Visual Image search

In the past, people would come online to look at images. Nowadays, more people are using images to buy products and get information. You need to optimize the pictures on your website. Try to use high-quality and relevant images in your content. Use customized file names and label the image to be relevant to the content on the website. You can also add pictures to your site map.

Link building

One of the most timeless techniques for any SEO strategy is link building. Link building will never go out of style. It is important to build quality links through generating quality content. Having proper link-building strategies is probably the most significant all-time SEO trend.


SEO is a great marketing tool for any business. However, it only works when done correctly. That involves using the best up-to-date practices. SEO techniques are constantly evolving since the search engine algorithms are ever-changing to meet people’s needs. Knowing the current trends will increase the ranking of your site. And consequently, lead to more traffic and conversions.

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