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How Having a High Quality Logo Will Help You Grow Your Facebook Following

Few people give a lot of thought to logos yet they can probably recognize dozens of them without any problem – that is the power of the logo. There’s a lot more to designing a great logo than you may think, and as it’s such a crucial part of a business you can’t afford to get it wrong. Here we look at just one angle of this issue – why having a high quality logo will be a great asset when growing your Facebook fan following.

Besides the obvious benefits of a logo triggering brand or business recognition, a logo serves to affect consumer behavior, represent the perceived values of a business, and either nurture or deter someone making the decision to trust and believe in a company. So how does a really good logo affect Facebook users and does it get fans for your profile?

It gets you that shoe in the door

People browsing Facebook are swamped with information from several sources, pictures, and adverts. Combine that with short attention spans (something which is more evident when browsing online) and you can see the importance of grabbing attention, and then having something that helps you hold it. This is what a great logo can do for you.

It creates the first (critical) impression

A well designed logo conveys a sense of authority and expertise –things which people find attractive in a business. After all, why would you want to bother with a company who you perceive as being weak and lacking in crucial ways?   

It creates long term associations

A good logo will be memorable enough to always bring your business to mind when it is seen. The human brain is better at remembering colors and shapes than words, so bear that in mind when in the design process. The important thing is to make sure the connection made is the one you intended – which is where some pre-launch market research of a new logo can help.

Pick the right look

Our brains are wired to associate certain images with particular emotions – and if your logo doesn’t fit the expectations people will automatically find it harder to relate. Take a look at a few logos online and see the difference between say one designed for a successful law firm (corporate, suggesting authority) and another created for say a popular book store or cafe (comforting, friendly). They are both perfect for the target audience, despite being at opposite ends of the spectrum. Logos are the first (and lasting) impression we get of a business and it sparks our expectations, so with a poor quality logo you could end up attracting interest from viewers who will not convert to consumers.

So what is a high quality logo?

There is no template as every business has to create something which reflects a 100% unique identity, but the topics and guidelines covered here should be enough to help you pull together that perfect image to represent your business.

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