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How Field Force Automation is changing the game for the FMCG industry


As it is well known, the FMCG industry is characteristic of producing fast-moving products at a low-profit margin. It is only fitting then that the processes and operations involved in the business be just as quick in order to maximize productivity and profits.

Field force automation is a boon that has changed the face of several industries- take for instance pharma sales force automation, but the effect has been much more significant in the case of the FMCG industry. It is a popular belief that field force automation software such as SANeForce is generally utilized by companies to simply improve visibility of operations, but the benefits of such software, if used correctly, can extend itself to multiple short and long term benefits:

Data-backed increase in productivity


A diverse range of operations in FMCG companies can be monitored, analyzed, and improved drastically with the help of real-time data recording and transfer using field force automation apps and software. This means that wastage and pilferage can be reduced, processes can be optimized and costs can be saved drastically through monitoring like never before. The time, effort, and money costs of manual recording of data, along with the risk of inaccuracies are therefore readily eliminated. The process is made infinitely more easy Apps like SANeForce pharma sales force automation come with an easy-to-use interface.

Speedy solutions to on-field issues

The core purpose of field force automation software is to connect the head office (HO) with the field force seamlessly and in real-time. This means that any emergency or issues that arise on the field can be monitored and solved immediately without having to go through layers of unnecessary and cumbersome red tape. This is a feature that is already widely used in pharma sales automation, the FMCG industry too could benefit from its widespread usage. Let us for example consider that there has been a decrease in sales of a particular product at a store location. With the help of the field force automation software, the store in charge would be able to immediately seek the assistance of his superior(who would have automatically been notified of the problem) in dealing with the issue.

Improved sales

Compounding on the previous point, a striking feature of field force automation is the easy access to detailed and insightful analytics on all operations like sales. With the help of such software, it becomes incredibly easy to make a note of what is selling, what is not, and why. This allows companies to push more popular products, and redirect or discontinue ones that are not moving on the market. At a time where consumer preference dictates the order of business, such a tool can be of great assistance to companies in making decisions.

Logistical automation

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of sales is the loss of a customer due to the unavailability of a product. This is something that can be easily tackled by FMCG companies by simply planning transportation, stocking, and logistics well ahead of time. Of course, such planning can tend to be tedious and time-consuming. But with the help of field force automation, the entire process can be automated, ensuring that the right products reach the right place at the right now. Glitches, if any, can be easily identified and eliminated.

Employee satisfaction

The greatest benefit of field force automation is of course, that it reduces the workload of the field force and saves their time. Outdated and tiresome practices like double-logging entries, wading through layers and layers of red tape, having to report the same things multiple times become a thing of the past. This ensures that the energy of employers is preserved, rendering them happy, satisfied, and ultimately more productive at their jobs.

There are several field force automation and sales automation software available for purchase and use today. However, in order to reap the benefits mentioned above and more, it is important to research the credibility, track record, and features of the particular software you plan to purchase.