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How Does Xender App Work?

Xender app is a file-sharing app that allows you to share files across various platforms and devices. It supports a variety of platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC. Xender was established in 2011 with the aim to provide better connectivity. The company has grown since its inception and now has over 700 million users all over the world. The app has a very good rating in the Play store and is constantly being updated to fix bugs and bring new features. This app provides baffling speeds in comparison to Bluetooth, so you must be wondering how it does it.

How does Xender work

Xender works using a technology called WiFi direct. It uses the WiFi card in your phone to connect with another device. It sets up a private connection between the two devices so that you will be able to transfer files without any interference at very high speeds. It is very similar to Bluetooth, one device acts as a server while the other is the client. The first step is creating a connection between the sockets of the two devices. Once these dynamic sockets are linked you will be able to send data between them both. In order to use Xender in your computer, it is necessary that the device has a Wifi card.

Wifi is much faster than Bluetooth as it has a much bigger bandwidth. This means you will be able to transfer files using Xender at a fraction of the time Bluetooth would take. It is similar to how clients and servers on the internetwork other than that Wifi direct do not need any internet and you connect to one specific device in your surroundings. Many apps other than Xender, like Shareit and Netspot, also use this technology to provide services.

What are the main features that Xender offers?

  • Quick file transfer: Xender uses Wifi to transfer files, this means it can transfer files at a very high speed. It can reach speeds of about 50Mb/s, this more than 200 times as fast as conventional Bluetooth file transfer.
  • All kinds of files can be transferred: It allows you to transfer any file type over its app. This means you can transfer your photos, documents, movies, videos, and contacts using just one app
  • The network is not needed: You can transfer files without any network usage. This means that you will not have to spend your precious data to transfer data. You will thus be able to transfer files anywhere and anytime irrespective of the number of bars your phone displays
  • No file size limit: It does not impose any limits on file size, this means you will be able to transfer very big files or very small files without a hassle
  • Cross-platform transferring: It allows you to transfer files across platforms, for example, you can send a video from an android phone to an iPhone without an issue. You will also be able to transfer files between your computer and phone
  • File manager: It allows you to view, delete and move the files that you send and receive, it also lets you back up your phone data should you want to clean your phone’s storage. It also allows you to decide where you want your files stored, it could be your phone’s internal storage or your SD card.
  • Friendly user interface: The UI of Xender is very simple and intuitive, thus you will be able to use it easily.
  • Simple sharing: The UI of Xender allows you to transfer files and photos to and from your friend’s phone using just one swipe or click.
  • Switching data to your new phone: This app allows you to transfer all the data from your old phone like contacts, photos, and SMS to your new phone
  • You will be able to play multimedia files like music and videos directly from the app.
  • It supports nearly 30 languages

How to transfer files between mobiles using Xender

  • Download the Xender app from the App Store or the Play store
  • Launch the app by clicking on the Xander icon
  • Click on the paper plane icon on the bottom right of your screen
  • This should show you the two options, one sending, and the other receive. Click on send if you want to send files to another device or receive if you want to receive files for another device.
  • If you click on send, your personal hotspot will be turned on
  • The person who wants to receive the file must launch the Xender app on his phone and click on receive, this will show him the list of devices available and he can then click on your device
  • This will lead to both your devices now being connected
  • Now you will be able to transfer all the files that you want to the connected device

The procedure to connect PCs and phones is also very similar, you just have to link your PC to the mobile hotspot and open the Xender application on your PC to get started on the process.


This is certainly all you have to find out about Xender for PC. It is actually totally free and offers good performance. Not just to share data files out of your PC to your own mobile phone as well as to easily share images from your phone to one’s own PC.

It uses WiFi direct to allow you to transfer files at very high speeds and is very secure. It has many features that make it easier for you to transfer files. It requires no internet to share files and also lets you share files between devices running different platforms. It is much faster and easier than conventional methods of transferring files. The app is free on all platforms and all you need to do is install the app to start transferring files. The app does show ads as the app does not cost any money. The app receives regular updates so that you don’t face any bugs and receive the latest features. Thus Xender will be the right choice for your file transfer needs.

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