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How does technology impact the gambling industry?

If we take a look a couple of years, you would need to be physically present in a gambling establishment to enjoy your hobby. It could be daunting to make it to the betting shop around the corner or even a land-based casino to wager on a game of poker. Some land-based casinos have a strict cocktail dress code that you must abide by, and paying with an e-wallet was not even throughout.

Asking our 80-year-old grandmother what is an online casino was a good conversation.  She knows the internet exists and what land-based casinos are, but asking her about gambling sites not on Gamban proved to be quite the challenge. Today’s technological advancement has fuelled online gambling into the world phenomenon that it is today. So, buckle up as we look at how technology has impacted the gambling industry.

It’s vast, it’s lucrative, and above all, it is fun!

The impacts of technology on the gambling industry

Technology has impacted gambling in many positive ways. Today’s gambling scene is not the same one we enjoyed 20 years ago; it is even better. So, what has changed in recent years, making gambling so appealing? Let’s delve down into what has changed and why.

Payments via e-wallets

Gone are the days when we needed to head over to Joe’s city center betting shop to place a bet, and those days are over. Physical money does not exist in the online gambling industry, as e-wallets are a more fitting and respected way of playing online.  To open an e-wallet, we suggest you check with the payment methods the site offers, and once you settle on one, you head over to the e-wallet site to open your account.  Once that is set up correctly, you can lead to the gambling site again and finally link your e-wallet to your player account. The removal of physical money is one of the most significant advancements in gambling, hands down.

Payments via cryptocurrency

A few years ago, we witnessed cryptocurrencies crack into the gambling market, making it legal for you to use your spare cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, you can also search for bookmakers that brand themselves as “cryptocurrency online casinos” and “Bitcoin Casinos”. Such gambling sites would only accept cryptocurrency as a payment method whilst offering you various bonuses with your cryptocurrency gambling transactions.

No physical need to be at a gambling establishment

One of the most significant impacts that technology bestowed on gambling is the no need to be physically on-premises to gamble. Albeit all of us take this fact for granted, rest assured, this is the biggest impact on modern gambling. Nowadays, if you want to place a bet or wager on your favourite sporting event, you simply need a desktop/tablet/ mobile and an internet connection. Also, you have the power to play at any given time on a 24/7 basis from anywhere you happen to be in the world. Never take the power of technology for granted, that is for sure.

Bonuses and offers that are only available online

When playing online with your favourite bookmaker or online casino, you are showered with gifts and bonuses. Upon your sign-up and first deposit, you will be greeted with a deposit match, and some free bonus spins to start you off. Mid weed deposits will also be celebrated with deposit matches and other freebies. Weekends would typically bring in the much-awaited slot tournaments that will see you compete with other players to get a spot on the leaderboard and scoop top prizes. And finally, you will also find many gambling sites that operate a VIP Loyalty Program that will award you a set amount of points for every wager you make. Once you reach a specific amount of points via the Loyalty Program, you will unlock a set amount of freebies that include: free bonus spins, less % in wagering requirements, dedicated account management, special offers, and even birthday gifts that include travel coupons. If you gamble at land-based sites, you will not receive such treatment, bonuses, or perks.

Live Gambling Tables

Live Casino is another gambling outlet that pays homage to the brilliance and advancement of technology. You do not need to be physically at a land-based site to gamble. However, we all know that the magic that land-based casinos are unique. The introduction of live tables brought that magic directly to your live gambling fun. Here you can sit at a live casino table playing your favourite table game while interacting with other live casino players. The live casino tables are handled by a live dealer, giving you massive nostalgia and the same feeling you get from a land-based casino table game room.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling has also taken the online gaming world by storm. When we all thought that we had the freedom of playing online whenever we wanted, to simplify our life, you can also enjoy online gambling via your mobile phone, enjoying the perils of gambling on a 24/7 basis. Some online gambling sites also offer a dedicated mobile application that you can download on your mobile phone or tablet. Logging into your gambling application via your mobile gives you that extra flexibility to gamble at any given time. Having your gambling application will also see you scoop houses especially dedicated to players who gamble via mobile gambling applications.

You have two options to access mobile gambling. You can either do that via the dedicated mobile application, or you can do so via your mobile browser.

How will technology influence the future of gambling?

Technology keeps on evolving, day in and day out. As we continue hoping for a better gambling future, the impending introduction of Artificial Intelligence is landing. Virtual reality is another element we eagerly await to boost the gambling industry. With Playstation and Google already enjoying the perks of VR, gambling will benefit massively. Think about VR and playing online casinos, for starters.

Esports is also something we love, and we will see better enhancements in the future. In a nutshell, the future of gambling and technology is intertwined and will also bring us some of the best entertainment we can.

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