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How do you Unlock Password of a locked Windows computer


Many people forget their Windows Password, and if you one among them, then you should know how to unlock Windows password. Windows password recovery program is used to reset or recover lost user passwords to log on to Windows OS.

Password recovery tools are also known as password cracker tools as these tools are used by hackers to crack the passwords. However, when you forgot the password and using these cracker tools is definitely legitimate and unlocking your own window password is legal.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can take a look at the WPRP (Window Password Recovery Program) FAQ where you can find the easy-to-read relationship of this program that can help you understand how to use these tools to recover your Windows Password.


You should also know that a Windows password recovery tool is one method that you can use to recover the password, but there are several other methods that can help you recover your Windows password. Here you can find some of the methods that can help you to unlock Windows password.

Method 1: Unlock the locked Windows Password  with Admin Account

Boot your PC in Safe Mode so that you can use a built-in Administrator account to log in to your Windows.  Once you log in, then you can reset the password for your locked computer account.

Step 1: Restart or start your PC. Once you start the computer, press F8 and hold to ender AB (Advanced Boot) options. Then select SM (Safe Mode) to start your computer.

Step 2: Use Administrator to log in.

Step 3: Now, remove or change your password that you forgot in Control Panel.

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The built-in Administrator was developed during installation of Windows and it can be disabled by default. That means you need to facilitate the integrated Admin account manually.  In case, if you did not facilitate it, then you may not access it ever.

Method 2: Unlock The locked Windows Password with iSeepassword Software:

When you forgot Windows password and if you don’t have password disk and the built-in admin is also is not working, then you should use specialized software to recover your password or unlock your computer. To unlock the Windows, you need an effective tool, the iSeepassword is the one you need to fix your password issue.

Step 1: Click this to download and install the iSeepassword software on another PC.


Step 2: Generate a password reset disk with USB or DVD/ CD. Insert a CD, USB, or DVD flash drive on the computer and burn all the necessary files into the flash drive to make a password reset disk.


Step 3: After the burn program is completed, Insert it on the locked computer, and restart or start the computer, and place it to boot from it.

Step 4: Reset the login password of the locked account on the computer. After you unlock the computer, the iSeepassword program displays the Windows system and user account password that you forgot. Now, to unlock it, press reset, and now you can replace your old password with the new on and log in to your computer safely.


Method 3: Unlock the Login Password on Windows PC with reset disk

Reset disk is one of the initial options that you should consider to unlock your Windows when you don’t remember your password. If you don’t know what the password reset disk is, well, you just need to insert the reset disk into your PC’s disc drive when you failed to log on. After inserting the disk, press reset password link that appears on the login screen and then tracks its PRW (Password Reset Wizard) t reset or change your computer’s password.


Conclusion :

All of the above methods that I have been tried before. Of course, there are many other methods not listed on here, If you want to unlock your locked computer as soon as possible, you can try the method 2, after 3-5 min, you can get into your computer without any password, as well as you are able to create a new password for your computer.

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