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How Do I Change My BTC To LTC?

Are you a new investor and you want to learn the intricacies? Many new users ask how they can convert Bitcoin to Litecoin. Some are even confused about whether they can buy Litecoin from bitcoin or not. We are glad to say that the answer to both the questions is yes! There are arrays of ways in which you can make the changes, and they are hassle-free. If bitcoin is gold, litecoin is silver to the investors. Hence, people want to diversify their funds and buy more LTC as compared to BTC. Not to forget, bitcoin is far more expensive, and there has been a sudden downfall of the same.


Experts recommend that you jump into the step-by-step process for the conversion so that you can get accurate results. There are forums like cryptocurrency exchange aggregator – Alligator, and they are popular. Not only that, but it runs in a barter system. So you can exchange one currency instead of the other without giving extra money. First, you have to sign up on forums like Changelly. It only takes your email id to sign up and get started. 

 The Process Of Exchange

  1. After the sign-up process, you can directly go to the exchange segment. There is no need for any KYC or documentation at all. Your sign-up process will need confirmation, and you have to check your mail for the process.
  2. Next, you will have to check out the screen and enter the amount of BTC that you need to convert. Check time and again so that the amount is correct. Remember, there is no looking back. It will help auto-populate the litecoin amount, and you can get a basic idea of what you are supposed to get.
  3. The platform can also help you convert into other currencies so you can stay tuned. Click on the ‘exchange now’ option, and then you can get an estimate of the network fees. The change is relatively instantaneous, so you can proceed within minutes.
  4. Click on the ‘next step’ option, and you have to add the address of Litecoin. This will make sure that you get the litecoins in the preferred location. Choose the wallet, and you will get the address that you need to enter.
  5. Check the gist of the exchange, and after the conversion, you can receive a notification of the change. Check all the details, and it is a very vital step to follow.
  6. Now, you can confirm the payment, and on the screen, you will be able to find the bitcoin address. Then you will have 46 hours to complete the transaction, and you should do it ASAP.
  7. Next, you will see the wait for exchange option, and it will take as long as six confirmations. It can happen spontaneously, but the network will take time. Three steps will come one after the other:
  • Confirmation
  • exchanging BTC to LTC
  • litecoin travels to your wallet.

Now all you have to do is wait, and you will eventually get a successful transaction. It is also easy to audit the transaction process- check it out on the ‘see transaction’ button that will pop on the screen.

Why BTC to LTC?

Right now, litecoin is the most popular among cryptocurrencies – and it is getting the hype. The price is set so that it is easily exchangeable. The reliability brings out new investors in the market, and there is no third party involved. The forum is also secure and will save you from data changes and hacks.

Transaction Fees

There are many options available, and BTC to LTC is the most effective. There are numerous global exchange rates, but professionals can get immense benefits. That is because newbies can get an exchange at nominal transaction fees. Everyone can perform the exchange, and you can check the updation on the go. You can also get multi-layer safety, and it is a privacy-protected solution as well.

Now that you know about the ways to get an easy exchange, you should sign up and try it out for once. It is going to take a few minutes for the entire process, and the rest time will be taken by the network.

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