App development is often a lengthy process. It involves various processes and is a very cost-intensive process. Making apps can involve huge swathes of money that can run the wealthiest coffers dry.

App development begins with research, followed by technical feasibility, coding, deployment, and maintenance. The most expensive process involved in app development is the coding of an app. The coding process of an app can be divided into roughly three phases: Design, development, and testing.

All three phases require high amounts of investments. They also require skilled resources that aren’t easily available and are expensive. Other requirements include investment in infrastructure, equipment, and remuneration. The longer these three phases go, the investment costs rise and often leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars of spending, depending on the nature of the app, the scope of the app, the competition, and of course, its development process.

How to create an app without these expenses, you ask? The answer is Appy Pie. Appy Pie, founded by Abhinav Girdhar, is a no-code app builder software that minimizes your coding costs by combining designing, development and testing processes of add development into the convenience of an app. With over 120+ unique customizable app features, you can create apps by simply dragging n dropping the app features you need. App building that took days to months to years even, can now be done within hours.

Appy Pie keeps consistently updating their software interface. Their newest update Snappy 2.0, currently in closed beta, brings with it features like real-time capabilities, offline access, and sync. The latest update also makes their app significantly faster, high performing and providing an even better end-user experience. For those concerned about security, Snappy 2.0 optimizes and secures data better with help of advanced encryption and limited API access to user data. Appy Pie adheres to Content Security Policy (CSP) and secure storage norms.

The app is a wonder of technology. Each day the app keeps improving its features and Snappy 2.0 is a mammoth update that’s proof of that. “Appy Pie has been dedicated to providing accessible and affordable technology to businesses of all sizes and scales. Businesses often reach new heights with apps. With Appy Pie and its latest Snappy 2.0 update, app making is no longer a far-fetched dream but rather an easily achievable reality”, says Appy Pie founder, Abhinav Girdhar.

Appy Pie makes traditional app development obsolete. If it continues on its current part, soon apps made with the software will actually be better than native and hybrid apps. By simplifying app-development into the convenience of an app, Appy Pie continues to reach wider demographics as its technology is embraced by all industries and businesses alike.