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How A Contact App Can Change Professional Networking

With the development of high technology, people are changing their lifestyles. Besides that, high tech also brings more benefits to the business field. Right now, more and more B2B companies choose the smart business card as their tool to make a connection with their customers. In-person networking has all but halted, pushing the focus to the digital realm.

Covve is one of the smartest digital business card apps and personal contact management systems in the current market. And it is just one of the relationship management tools changing the face of professional networking. What is the future of professional networking?

Digitize Your Business Relationships

Smart business cards save time by simplifying your contact input process. Just scan the business cards and seamlessly add them to their contacts. Covve Scan is equipped with AI-powered language recognition for over 30 languages. Meanwhile, users can easily add notes, tags, and location on the cards.

With the smart reminders, the app will notify you when it is time to reach out to your network again to automate nurturing relationships. Users can get organized with a personalized weekly call schedule and alerts. The intelligent snooze functionality reschedules pending reminders so they don’t go unnoticed. Not to worry about ghosting an important contact.

Once inputted into the relationship management app by digitizing business cards or converting from your current contact app, you have a fully equipped personal CRM. Keep on top of your relationships with the right information at your fingertips.

Smart business cards can segment and quickly navigate your contact network. Use tags to group your contacts, powerfully search to quickly find who you need by name, company, industry, and more. These services help you and your company build a better network with customers.

Providing a Mobile First Solution

Cutting edge technology and the mobile-first solution are prominent features leading to the use of smart business cards. They are designed specifically for modern smartphones, combining advanced features and artificial intelligence with an easy to use interface. Contact apps are constantly releasing product updates and additions ensure that the management software grows as your needs grow.

Before relationship management apps, contacts were dismissed or went cold after handing out a physical business card. Smart business cards allow you to store your contact information through Text(SMS), Email, QR code, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and LinkedIn. And, you can set up automatic notifications to your mobile device to check-in with contacts after a specified period of time. It creates more opportunities and widens your network.

You can access the information anytime, anywhere, and it is good for the environment by reducing the paper used. If you are looking for an innovative way to make a connection with people, then the smart business card is a good choice to consider.

What Else Is Available on the Market

We mentioned Covve at the start of the article as the catalyst for this conversation. However, there are other relationship management apps on the market with similar features and software capabilities that could also work for you or your business.

Many of the other apps available serve more of an enterprise or SaaS purpose rather than an individual contact app for relationship management and networking.

  1. Grooper intelligent document processing provides data enrichment that embeds human comprehension into documents and other unstructured data. The solution is delivered in a collaborative consulting fashion or as a data fulfillment service.
  2. Build-A-Brand is a digital engagement solution that helps small businesses and sales professionals manage business cards, video messaging, and personal websites. With Build-A-Brand’s follow up, prospecting, and digital marketing tools, users promote products & services across digital platforms.
  3. Haystack is the world’s largest digital business cards platform, servicing large enterprise clients. Our digital business cards are more sustainable and more cost effective than the old paper cards, as well as more effective in building lasting relationships and increasing sales effectiveness.
  4. Parascript FormXtra.ai is a cloud-based document capture and recognition software which helps enterprises and government agencies with form processing and data validation. Its key features include process automation, workflow management, claims processing and signature verification.
  5. Rivery is a cloud-based big data management platform designed to help businesses aggregate, transform, and manage data collected from internal or external sources. Key features include data migration, return on investment (ROI) tracking, usage monitoring, and data visualization & normalization.
  6. Talend Data Fabric offers a single suite of apps to help enterprises collect, govern, transform and share data, enabling users to shorten the time to trusted data. Over 4,250 organizations across the globe have chosen Talend to help them turn all their raw data into trusted data.
  7. Rossum is a cloud-based optical character recognition (OCR) solution that helps enterprises capture data electronically using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It enables users to extract structured/semi-structured data from multiple documents and automatically generate invoices.
  8. Hypatos is a document processing solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to automate data extraction and document-based back-office operations such as accounting, auditing, expense management, compliance checks, and more.

Compared to the other solutions on the market, Covve covers wider customer groups – such as freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises – to captivate the relationship management space to transform networking to be digital-first. But, there are many options, personal and corporate, to streamline your contact management, improve results, and grow your network.

What’s Next?

The logical question is, what’s next? For networking that has become completely digital, professionals and growing businesses are pressed to organize their outreach and relationship management to be highly effective. If you are someone who dreads networking or has trouble keeping up with conversations and acquaintances, then a contact app with features discussed in this article, like automatic reminders, are a solution to explore.

With virtual conferences and digital information summits, being comfortable with and competent in online networking is key. Taking advantage of the technological advances in the space is characteristic of successful entrepreneurs.

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