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Honor MagicWatch 2 and Honor Band 5i set for India launch in January 2020, availability via Amazon

Honor has announced it is partnering with Amazon for the launch of its latest wearable devices in India. The company said both the wearables – the new Honor MagicWatch 2 and Honor Band 5i are slated for launch in the country in January 2020 itself but is yet to commit to a firm launch date as yet.

The MagicWatch 2 and Band 5i are currently listed on Amazon with a Notify Me button that will inform you when it is going to be ready for sale. Till then, you can glean over its specifications and features which should let you have a nice idea if those suits your requirements well enough to warrant buying the same when it eventually is available. Here is a brief overview of each to help you make your mind.

Honor Band 5i:

The Band 5i is purely for the fitness enthusiasts and will help keep a tab on your health on a regular basis. In fact, the device is designed for 24/7 monitoring of your heart, besides watching over your sleep pattern and sleep quality too. The device comes with an integrated SpO2 monitor as well to measure the oxygen saturation level in the bloodstream.

Band 5i b 600x542 1

With all of the above features, it’s only natural the Band 5i excels in being your own personal trainer. That way, it allows for precise measurement of several parameters of your workout to offer a whole host of fitness related info such as the workout time, distance covered, stride frequency, speed, calories burnt and so on.

The Band 5i is also built par for the course. The almost 1-inch colour HD touch screen display offers colour coded texts and icons for quick and easy interpretation of the info presented on the display. The device is also water resistant to up to a depth of up to 50-meters, which means you can carry it to your swimming pool too.

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Charging the Band 5i is a breeze too given that one of its wrist straps hides a USB connector. All that you need to do to charge the band is tuck it into a USB slot. Battery back-up times is commendable too considering that a full charge will last an entire week.

MagicWatch 2:

As for the MagicWatch 2, its truly magic that the company plans to weave on your wrist. In fact, the new MagicWatch 2 is quite a looker with its sleek watch face and colourful straps. The beauty is skin deep too given the vast array of features that the wearable comes packed with.

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Prime among them is of course the always-on AMOLED display which means the smartwatch is always there when you need it. If that is already making you worried of the battery life, Huawei is claiming backup times of up to 14 days on a single charge. The Chinese manufacturer is attributing much of that to its Kirin A1 chipset which it claimed can process more and do it faster while still being frugal on battery power.

Another advantage with the new MagicWatch 2 is its integrated speaker and mic which allows hands-free operation of the watch as a phone as well. That includes making and receiving phone calls while you can always switch over to your Honor smartphone seamlessly for more convenience. In fact, the MagicWatch 2 can take over several features generally restricted to only smartphones. That includes setting the stopwatch or alarm, checking the weather, keep in touch with the chat messages and so on.

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The MagicWatch 2 can also be your ideal companion if you are a music buff given that the wearable can be easily paired with the Honor Sport Pro earphones to allow for a wire-free listening pleasure. Add to that the 4 GB of built-in storage that the smartwatch comes with that should be enough to track most of your favourite tracks.

All of the above is again just part of the story as the MagicWatch 2 can also be the perfect fitness companion as well. In fact, it comes with a dual satellite positioning system that accurately tracks your speed and route when you are walking, cycling or running outside. Then there is a built-in altimeter too to track you elevation in case you are out hiking or hill climbing.

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Among the other features the MagicWatch 2 comes with include several – 15 to be precise – pre-defined fitness modes, heart rate monitor, running app and so on. Then there also is an app to help relive you of stress while the ability to withstand water up to a depth of 50-meters ensures it can take up some amount of the rough as well, more so given the 316L stainless steel build that it boasts of.

So, if all of this sounds alluring enough, hit upon the Notify Me button so that you don’t miss out on the devices when it becomes available. That there is going to be a rush is almost a certainty.