The Fortune 100 software-industrial company Honeywell has launched a public awareness campaign to educate and aware people about the relatively unknown hazards of indoor air pollution. Moreover, the company has assigned Kareena Kapoor as a celebrity spokesperson for Honeywell indoor air pollution campaign.

Honeywell is largest manufacturer of thermostats, smoke detectors, advanced security systems, and air and water purification systems in the world. The company has introduced its Air Touch range of air purifiers to address the ever-growing problem of
air pollution inside homes for Indian consumers.


These Air purifiers come in two variants under the name of Honeywell Air Touch I8 and A5 models. These Air purifiers are equipped with pre-filter, HEPA filter, and the company’s patented HiSiv technology that comprise of an activated carbon filter. This filter combination eliminates dust particles, bacteria, formaldehyde, harmful gases, volatile organic compounds, and offers a PM 2.5 removal efficiency of greater than 99 percent.

Moreover, both the purifiers come with an intuitive touch panel which provides the controls like variable fan speed, air quality indicator, child lock, and sleep mode. Its award-winning design provides 3Dairflow and anti-fall design, and it also offers real-time ambient air pollution measurement.

Commenting on the launch, Vikas Chadha, president, Honeywell India, said,

Most of us are
unaware that indoor air pollution poses a serious health hazard. We want to educate people that staying indoors doesn’t necessarily mean the air you’re breathing is safe. However, there are affordable technologies available now to help tackle this issue, even more for those who need relief from respiratory ailments, asthma, allergies, and other long-term breathing and health problems. The technology used in our products is recommended for homes by the Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Healthcare.

Price and Availability

The Honeywell Air Touch I8 and A5 models come in two color variants of White and Gold. The Air Touch A5 White color variant is priced at Rs. 11,490. While the Air Touch A5 Gold color option is cost around Rs. 12,990. Nonetheless, the Air Touch I8 White and Gold variants come with price tags of Rs. 20,990 and Rs. 22,990 respectively.

The Honeywell offers the widest range of air purifiers in the world; its purifiers adheres diversity regarding functionality. They can easily address pollution inside homes, cars, and institutions. Moreover, its range of air purifiers will be available on country’s leading online retailers Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM and with some offline channels as well.