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Home Automation Ideas that you shouldn’t live without

Home automation is continually evolving, making it a fun place to be right now.  But what is home automation, and how can it benefit you? Home automation is all about making small tasks throughout your house easier or giving it an upgrade. This could be small things, like automated lighting systems, or more important things like complex security systems. But, what makes home automation really special is by getting everything to work together. So, why would you want it?

There are loads of reasons you need home automation in your life; here’s a few:

  • Save time
  • Adds security
  • Makes life easier
  • Saves energy bills
  • Better for your health.

… and the list goes on, but there’s no time for that right now. Instead, we are going to look at some of the best home automation ideas.

Home Automation Ideas

As mentioned before, home automation is constantly evolving, which means new and exciting products come into play every year.

Here are some of the best:

Flood Lights

Smart flood lights are great for a few reasons. The first one being, you can link the lights to your home security system.

If their motion detector picks up motions, not only will it turn the floodlight on, it will also kick start your security system.

Bright lights are an instant deterrent for any thieves lurking in the darkness. But there’s another reason smart floodlights are useful.

You can get them to work in sync with your gates or garage opener, so you never have to walk down a dark path again.

Smart Taps

How many times have you found yourself with a mess all over your hands? And when you try and wash it off, it goes all over the tap. Probably quite a few times, right?

Well, smart taps can help you avoid this problem; they automatically turn on when you run your hands under the tap.

More importantly, you can set them to specific temperatures; they can even measure the amount of water released.

This means you can run baths without the fear of it overflowing.

Smart Blinds

Let’s face it, everyone has a lazy side that needs fulfillment, and smart blinds do just that. They can be set to specific schedules to help you wake up naturally.

You can even use them with a voice assistant, which makes complete darkness only a few words away.

One feature many people adore with the smart blind is being able to incorporate them into scenes. This means you do things like getting the curtains to close when you put a film on and so on.

Smart Dry Goods Jar

How many times have you started cooking only to realize you’ve run out of the essential herbs and spices. It’s a nightmare that’s all too real, but can easily be solved with this gadget.

The smart jars have scales that weight the contents of the jar regularly. This can then be tracked using the app.

The next time you go to the store, you can have a quick flick through to see what’s running low.

Smart Locks

There’s a couple of reasons smart locks can be beneficial to you. One reason is the extra security they can provide.

Smart locks let you monitor the access to your home 24/7 using the app. You can also set codes for your family friends or one-time access for deliveries.

They also have features like tamper alarms, fingerprint recognition, and much more.

Smart Lighting

This is one of the best entry-level home automation ideas. This is mainly due to how easy they are to set up.

Smart lights allow you to control groups or singular lights using a mobile app.

They can also be connected with significant voice assistants to make your life even easier.

Smart lights can be connected with several other smart devices to create scenes or add security to your home.

Security System

There used to be a time when having a security system would be a costly experience. But this changed with the introduction of smart security systems.

They made it affordable and easy for anyone to get involved in, now anyone can get involved quickly with very little knowledge.

The footage from smart security systems can be seen from anywhere on the planet, provided you have a Wi-Fi connection.

But more importantly, they will send you notifications and clips of any activity that happens while you’re away.

Automated Pool Cleaner

Having a pool is all fun and games… Until you have to clean it, then it sucks. An unmaintained pool can quickly turn green, especially in areas of high humidity.

Meaning you must clean your pool regularly… and again, this sucks.

Automated pool cleaners take the suckiness away and leave you free to enjoy the pool rather than dreading cleaning days.

In just a couple of hours, the pool will be perfectly clean and ready for a dip.

Smart Hoover

If you have pets in your house, a smart hoover can be a complete godsend. They take away the daily chore of cleaning up hair and other pieces of dirt and turn it into a weekly task.

They can be set to schedule to complete the cleaning at your chosen time of day. You can even use the app to start them up just in case you have a surprise guest turning up.

They work using an array of sensors to navigate and map the floor of your home efficiently. If you want to gain some extra free time, a robot hoover is a step in the right direction.

Wrapping Up

Home automation is all about making life easier and more manageable. And there are thousands of devices out there that do just that.

Check out some of these other ideas and see what takes your fancy. You’ll be an automation junkie before you know it!

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