Mumbai ― Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic will soon be completing its 25th year in India. As a part of this announcement made at an event in Mumbai, Hitachi also revealed its plans to be executed in India in coming years.

The company currently has 16 branches with over 180 service locations nationwide. Hitachi also announced its plan to expand its operations even further by implementing unprecedented strategies in the country.

According to Dr. Naoya Takahashi, President and CEO at Hitachi Systems, the company is mainly focused on offering better solutions and services, not only to the employees working at Hitachi but also its customers across the country.

“With our expertise and experience of 25 years, we are confident to contribute to the development of India’s economy, which continues to show remarkable growth,” he added.

According to Tarun Seth, Managing Director at Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic, Hitachi is at present worth a $4 billion across the globe.

“We are a professional service group in Pune where we cater to our customers not only in India but entire Asia and the globe. We are also very strong in the initiatives by the state government and central government,” he added.

Hitachi is also planning to take part in some of the large-scale government projects in India — such as Smart Cities mission, which was recently announced by the Government of India.

Speaking about Government of India’s Smart Cities mission, Tarun Seth said – “For Hitachi, smart cities is not something new. We are already there and have been doing it in Japan and other parts of the globe. We just need to bring that technology in India.”