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Hindware Atlantic launches new range of indoor and outdoor heaters

Hindware Atlantic announced the launch of a new range of room heaters to cater to varying needs. In all, there are going to be five different room heaters on offer which include those having oil-filled radiators, Heat Convectors, Halogen Quartz, and LPG+ Electric heaters. The heaters can be bought via Flipkart, Amazon, and other leading online and offline retailers. Price starts at Rs 1,890, going all the way up to Rs. 15,990 for the top model.

The new range of room heaters comprises of the SALOME OFR that uses use oil-filled radiators and has three heat settings. There is the PTC Fan heater which together with the adjustable thermostat allows for ease in user convenience.

Then there is the AGNIVO heat convector model which is unique in that it offers instant heating as well as an increased flow of warm air.

Next comes the Erino halogen room heaters that comprise of three halogen tubes. These act as a source of light as well as heat and can serve the dual purpose of lighting up the room as well as providing a warm flow of air.

With the IGNITIO quartz room heaters, the stand-out feature includes its high-quality Quartz tubes which makes the room heaters highly efficient. This makes the room heater a great choice in the affordable price range while promising a long operational life.

Lastly, there is the MAGMA PLUS room heaters that rely on LPG and electric to produce heat. It comes with the Piezo Electric Ignition which allows for enhanced security as well as high efficiency. With its ability to produce high heat, the heater is especially recommended for regions with extreme cold or operation in an external environment.

Hindware Atlantic CEO Rakesh Kaul said they are extremely optimistic with their new range of heating devices which they hope will allow them to have a strong presence in the segment that is worth around 400 crores. The segment has also grown by 10 percent since 2020 and is poised for strong growth in the future as well. The timing of the launch couldn’t have been better too what with the winter season already upon us.