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Hidden Value of Marketing Automation You Didn’t Know

We live in an era of digital technology. We start the day with digital technology and end it with digital technology as well. Digital technology is often accompanied by automation. Automation means the execution of repetitive tasks automatically. Marketing automation is a revolutionary tactic that has allowed numerous business around the world to grow faster and eliminate bottlenecks. Marketing automation means implementing software that will take care of recurring tasks such as sending out emails, creating invoices, paying bills, etc. for you. The main benefit of marketing automation is that you do not have to put in any manual labor which results in hours of time saved and results in your business being more efficient.

Why Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation requires software to be implemented across your business. For small businesses, marketing automation might seem a little farfetched. Using multiple free tools and manual labor seems like a great idea for startups and small businesses, but the reality is you are sacrificing a large amount of efficiency and time by working on something that will not give you much ROI (Return on Investment). You must hire a dedicated professional to perform tasks like email marketing, invoicing, paying bills, etc. Investing in Marketing Automation software is necessary if you want to grow your business and utilize your time effectively.

The purpose of any business is to divert more traffic towards their webpage or e-commerce website. Through marketing automation process, you can achieve the maximum level of customer engagement as most marketing automation software uses highly analytical tools to study your customers and plans engagement accordingly. According to Venture Harbour, 79% of successful companies have used marketing automation for three years or more.

Hidden Value of Marketing Automation

We are calling it “Hidden Value” because the effectiveness of marketing automation is often overlooked by business owners. They only consider the amount of money they are paying to incorporate the system rather than focusing on the amount of time they are saving, and other benefits it accompanies. The leftover time can be used to brainstorm and come up with better business strategies which will result in the right decision at the right time.


This is obvious. If you are not spending all your time in performing recurring tasks like rolling out emails, your business is likely to have better efficiency. Automating processes helps business owners to properly take care of the customers. The automation software is often cloud-based so it has access to all your customer data. The system can perform certain tasks at specific times according to your preference, or when it might be most effective. It can send out emails to possible leads, create invoices for existing customers, send out exciting offers in part of marketing automation and overall, make your life as a business owner much easier.


As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of any business to generate leads. A marketing automation software will take care of the leads for you. Any potential customer who reads your emails and visits your website might be interested in buying the product or service you are selling. Marketing automation software will make sure the user gets all his/her questions answered before leaving the website. All it needs is a little persuasion on the seller’s end to convert a lead into a purchase. As a business owner, it is hard for you to investigate your customer’s preferences, but a marketing automation tool will nurture leads according to the particular customer. A lead needs time to turn into a valid purchase and it is necessary that the customer falls through the sales funnel. This requires constant interaction with the potential customer which you might fail to do for a plethora of reasons. Investing in marketing automation software will ensure you don’t let too many leads slip through your hands.

Customer Behavior and Data

You cannot conduct business anywhere in the world no matter how good your product is or how good your customer service is if you don’t know your market. It all comes down to one thing. Knowing your customer. Customer behavior is a must when it comes to marketing. You need to avail important data from throughout the market and analyze it to your benefit. It is a time-consuming task and can be expensive considering you have to hire a market expert to do the analysis on your behalf. A marketing automation tool will gather all the relevant data from valid sources, into one place. Most tools these days can also allow provide statistics and reports upon analysis of this data, which you can then use in your crucial business decisions. You can use emails, push notifications or CTAs (Call to Action) to collect the data and analyze it.


This aspect of the business is closely related to the point above. In this modern era, everyone wants to personalize their belongings. They want to personalize their cars with the paint they want. They want to personalize their computers with the themes they like. Everything is personalized nowadays. So, interacting with potential customers in a personalized manner is the way to go in recent times. As you have access to data that tells you what your customers like and dislike, you can easily craft very specific messages to build an extraordinary relationship with them using your marketing automation tool. Studies show personalized contents can boost sales up to 10%. On the contrary, if you were to implement these strategies manually, it would take an awful lot of time and the data would not be accurate as well.

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