Hidden features and how to take Screenshots in Elephone S7

Elephone S7 come with an interesting and fancy feature which you won’t find in any other Android smartphone. The home button in Elephone S7 is not just for going to home button only; it also does some impressive tricks. One of which is capturing screenshots, it’s very easy to take screenshots in Elephone S7, let’s check out some of them.

There are three ways you can capture screenshots in Elephone S7. First one is the traditional way which can be done using a key combination. Press and hold the volume down and power button together for two seconds, you will see the screenshot animation confirming that screenshot has been taken.

Other methods how you can do that is to swipe down three fingers on the screen, it’s cool, but it can’t be done with wet fingers. Holding the home button for few seconds captures the screenshot. Also, it’s the easiest way to take screenshots. For both of these methods, you have to enable them from settings.

The home button is the most important part of the smartphone; it does the same function in most of the Android smartphones. But Elephone S7 home buttons hides a lot of functions in it; You can use it as a shortcut key to launch any app. Also, it can be used to take screenshots, just press and hold t for few seconds.

All the screenshots get saved in the gallery under Screenshot album. You can edit them too! There are more functions for the home button in Elephone S7. Tell us how many functions you found and which of them you think is the best function in Elephone S7.


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