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Hero Electronix launches Qubo Smart Cam 360 and Qubo Smart Door Lock in India

Hero Electronix has added two new gadgets to its smart home devices line-up – the Qubo Smart Cam 360 and Qubo Smart Door Lock. The company said the new Smart Cam 360 powered by AI technology can provide 24/7 security and makes it perfect for homes as well as small offices and business organizations. The Smart Door Lock, on the other hand, allows keyless operation without compromising on security. The Smart Cam 360 is priced at Rs. 2890 while the Smart Door Lock starts at Rs. 13,990.

Qubo Smart Cam 360

Hero Electronix said the new Smart Cam 360 has been specifically designed to suit the demands of Indian households, with AI playing a pivotal role in that. It offers complete coverage of the place where it is installed, thereby providing for complete security coverage for our home, small offices, or other business locations. The smart cam is simple to install as well and can be conveniently mounted on the wall or placed on the table in say, your kids’ room or where elders live to keep an eye on them remotely.

Making up the core of the Smart Cam 360 is a 1080p Full HD camera that is capable of capturing credible full colour images even in low light conditions. A cool feature of the Smart Cam 360 is the Person Detection feature it comes and seeks to alert users if it detects a person. This is unlike other cameras and will alert you only in ‘genuine’ cases, thereby ruling out chances of false alarms.

The smart cam also boasts of a two-way talk feature with echo cancellation and far-flung microphones that allow users to have conversations with perfect clarity even when they are situated afar. Apart from this, the smart cam also complies with the highest standards of cryptography now employed worldwide, which ensures all of your information is completely secure and safe.

The Qubo Smart 360 Cam is priced at Rs. 2,890 and can be bought from leading offline and online retail locations – Including the official Qubo site – within the country.

Qubo Smart Door Lock

Qubo Smart Doorlock

One of the biggest advantages of the Qubo Smart Door Lock is its keyless feature, thereby saving you from having to carry physical keys wherever you go. Needless to say, this can be a boon for those who tend to forget things. Instead, the Smart Door Lock offers keypads and will only open when a pre-set key combination is entered. Other ways the smart lock can provide access include fingerprint matching, mobile application, and so on.

The Smart Door Lock also comes with a premium finish which ups the style quotient thanks to the mirror finish exterior it comes with that can complement the urban lifestyle of the modern age. It is made of a lightweight alloy that imparts it extreme strength while there also are solid 5 stainless steel bolts and a brute alarm force all of which make it extremely strong and durable to keep your homes protected. Then there is voice guidance and privacy mode available for a seamless and convenient user experience.

The Qubo Smart Door Lock is available in two versions – the base Qubo Smart Door Lock Black that is priced at Rs. 13,990 and the Qubo Smart Door Lock Ultra that is priced a higher Rs. 22,990. However, the availability of the Qubo Smart Door Lock is limited to only half a dozen Indian cities which include Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. The smart door lock can be bought from the company home page.

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