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Here’s how you could get better speeds for your Internet Connection


If you have the feeling that your internet connection is dropping, then there are a few things that you can do to try and diagnose the issue. If you want to help yourself, then take a look below.

Confirm you Are Having Speed Issues

The first thing that you need to do is confirm that you are actually having speed issues. One good way for you to find out would be for you to do a speed test. You can do this online most of the time and when you do you can then find out if there is an underlying issue. If you do find that you are having issues, then you can proceed to the next step. If your speed test comes up normal then there are other things that you can do, but ultimately, you should really look into changing your internet provider.

Reset your Router

Unplug the router first and then unplug your modem. When you have done this, you’ll then want to wait 30 seconds. The order that you plug everything back in is very important. You’ll want to start by plugging in the modem and then the router after. Of course, casino games are a great way for you to see if your internet is causing you problems. Casino games don’t require much computer power to run at all, so if you play one and it lags then this could signify a problem with your computer or a temporary disruption with your connection.

Computer and Modem

Another thing that you can do is plug your computer right into the modem. If you know that your internet is way faster when you are plugged in, then your router could be the source of your problems. If you want to do something about this then the best thing that you can do would be for you to contact your ISP.

Install Firmware

If the above doesn’t work for you then you might be able to install some free firmware for your router. This can drastically improve the performance of your router and you may even find that you experience faster speeds too. If this doesn’t seem to improve your issue, then it’s a good idea for you to try and get a new router.


There’s actually plenty of free DNS testers out there that you can use. This will help you to know if your DNS is functioning as it should.

Buy your Own Modem

If you believe that your modem is to blame or if you are renting one, then you may be way better off buying your own. When you do you may be able to save your money and in some instances, you will be able to get way better speeds. If you aren’t quite sure how to buy one or even which one to choose, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of guides out there that are designed to help.

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