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Here’s how you can ship your Black Friday deals to India

Holidays are coming with the beginning of Thanksgiving. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also here on November 25 and 28, respectively. These days, companies and You can buy a wide range of gadgets at crazy prices. If you find an amazing deal on Amazon, Newegg, and any other site, you can get the products in India via various methods. Yes, you CAN. There are various methods through which you can ship your purchase from the US to India. Let’s check them out.

Package forwarding services

Package forwarding services enable you to ship the product to a third-party warehouse in the US and get it forwarded anywhere in the world. You need to register either for free or a flat rate fee. You will get a virtual address in the countries where you want to shop. During shopping, you can provide the virtual address during the checkout process. The payment should be made as usual.

The e-commerce retailer will ship the ordered product to the supplied virtual address. They will ship it back to your address for a nominal fee. You should note that you will be liable for customs duties and taxes as per the tax laws.

Shop and Ship

Shop and Ship is a service provided by Aramex. You need to pay a one-time registration fee of Rs. 3000. The service will be suitable for you if you need to order any items from the outside USA. There are no annual charges but you need to pay for each shipment.


Viabox enables you to register free of cost. They claim that your products will be delivered at lower rates because of its location in Oregon, Florida. The company also keeps your items for 180 days without any charges.

FedEx Cross Border

FedEx Cross Border, formerly Bongo US forward your shipments from the US to other countries. The service charges $5 per package and also provides an ability to pay taxes and customs duties well in advance.


With Shipito, you can avail free virtual debit card for purchases from the US. The cost is $2 per package without customs duties.

Some of the other popular packages forwarding services are US Global Mail, USA2Me, MyUS, and ShopYourWorld. You should verify the reviews online before proceeding further. You should also contact the company and ask questions before placing an order.

Credit card package forwarding

If you have a credit card, you can contact the company to find if they have a partnership with a package forwarding service. Citibank has tied up with Borderlinx, while ICICI has one with ShipOutFromUSA. While American Express has partnered with MyUS, Standard Chartered also has one tie up with a company.